Vienna Open 2023 schedule and order of play – updated daily

The Vienna Open schedule for 2023 shows us that seven awesome days of tennis are coming up this week. In case you haven’t checked out this tournament yet – it’s an ATP 500 event that has pulled in big names this year. Guys such as Jannik Sinner, Andrey Rublev, Stefanos Tsitsipas, Alexander Zverev, and the top dog, Daniil Medvedev, are all involved. So really, if we don’t see some classic matches in Vienna over the next seven days, I’d be amazed.

Vienna Open Schedule 2023

As for the Vienna Open schedule, that’s what you’re really here to see. So I can tell you now, before getting into any of the other specifics, this tournament is set to begin on Monday, October 23rd. This is when the first matches will be played in the main draw, and subsequently, it’s the first day where I can provide an exact Vienna Open order of play. From this point, each passing day will offer different matches split between the Vienna Open doubles and Vienna Open singles events.

Both events will then reach their conclusion on Sunday, October 29th. But let’s not run before we can walk, and let’s not wish the week away! Bringing things back to the present, let’s cover a full Vienna Open schedule overview and identify what’s coming up on each day right now.

2023 Vienna Open schedule – tournament overview

As noted above, the 2023 Vienna Open is set to kick off on Monday, October 23rd. Since it is a 500-level ATP tournament, this means that everything will unfold over the course of seven days. So to stress once again, both the singles and doubles tournaments will be played over the next week until we reach the designated finals day on Sunday, October 29th. Adding to that, since this is a reasonably prestigious tournament, Vienna Open live streaming options are out there in the UK and other parts of the world. So you’ll be able to catch all of these matches if you like.

Anyway, that covers the full scope of the Vienna Open schedule for 2023. But what are the other things you need to know concerning the individual days? Well, this all comes down to the rounds and potential matchups, which link specifically to the Vienna Open order of play. So, before we get into the thick of things, let me share a quick look ahead to each of the following seven days so you know what to expect.

Vienna Open order of play – scheduled matches for each day

To clarify, the Vienna Open order of play will be released before each day. For example, ahead of the scheduled matches on Tuesday, the order of play will be released on Monday. And this process is set to continue throughout the week. As for what the order of play will consist of, we already have an idea of this thanks to the general overview of the Vienna Open schedule. So let me cover this now.

Monday, October 23rd

Opening the main draw on Monday will be the first-round matches in the men’s singles tournament. This is also the first day where you can make use of our Vienna Open predictions and bet on the games if you like. However, the doubles event won’t feature on Monday.

Tuesday, October 24th

First-round matches will inevitably continue on Tuesday, as the draw is just too big to complete them all on Monday. Additionally, this is the first day in which I expect to see a few men’s doubles matches featured in the Vienna Open order of play. That’s because the doubles draw has fewer matches in total that must be completed prior to Sunday compared with the singles event.

Wednesday, October 25th

Although there will be first-round matches on Wednesday in the doubles event, these will now be left behind in the singles tournament – unless the schedule is behind. So on this day, second-round matches will be played in the men’s singles.

Thursday, October 26th

Given that second-round matches will still take some time to complete, these will run over into Thursday. This is perfectly normal, yet at this point, the men’s doubles will have reached the quarter-finals stage. So on Thursday, there should be a mix of ‘round of 16’ games in singles and quarter-final games in the doubles.

Friday, October 27th

On Friday, the remaining quarter-final games in the men’s doubles should be played and completed, theoretically. And since the second-round games in the men’s singles tournament will be completed on Thursday, Friday will host the men’s singles quarter-finals too.

Saturday, October 28th

Assuming the Vienna Open schedule goes to plan, at least to some degree, Saturday should officially be ‘semi-finals day’. So, in short, this means that there will be four matches involved in the Vienna Open order of play on this day. The winners, of course, will then lock in their place in the final.

Sunday, October 29th

The moment we all want to see will arrive on Sunday, October 29th. Both the singles and doubles finals will be played on this day, and each will have a corresponding trophy ceremony to wrap things up nicely.

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