Vienna Open Doubles 2023: Contenders, odds, and predictions

Ready for another exciting edition of the Vienna Open doubles tournament? This 500-level event is loaded with talented doubles players, and I expect the following week to be full of great tennis. For clarity, the Vienna Open schedule shows us that this tournament will unfold between October 23rd and October 29th, which is when the final will be played. And given the draw size, players must win a total of four matches to claim the title.

Vienna Open Doubles 2023

Also, just to avoid any confusion, this tournament is also known as the Erste Bank Open, and you may see the event referred to in both ways. As for other key details concerning the Vienna Open seeds, wildcards, order of play, and more, this is all discussed in the following sections. So if you’re ready to learn all there is to know about the 2023 Vienna Open doubles tournament, keep reading!

2023 Vienna Open doubles – order of play for Monday, October 23rd

Let me start with one of the most sought-after bits of information right now – the order of play for day one. Of course, this refers to the matches that are scheduled to be played in Vienna on Monday, October 23rd. So without further ado, let me highlight the Vienna Open doubles matches that are on the cards today:

Glaubandich Court – 13:00 start time (UK)

  • Middelkoop/Mies vs Cerundolo/Matos
  • Singles Match
  • Cabral/Patten (Q) vs Ram/Salisbury (2)

As you can see, day one isn’t overloaded with doubles matches. In fact, there are just two to watch if you plan on tuning in for the action, which can be done through a range of Vienna Open live streaming services – depending on where you are based. Nevertheless, play will open on the Glaubandich Court with a battle of the unseeded pairs, and play will end with a qualifying pair going up against the number two seeds. 

Vienna Open doubles 2023 – overview of the draw

Now that you have seen the lineup for day one, let’s zoom out and take a look at the draw for the Vienna Open doubles event as a whole. First and foremost, this is a tournament that consists of 16 pairs, 32 players in total, and the requirement is to win four matches in a row to claim the trophy. This is easier said than done, and many punters believe that one of the top four seeds will win the event. On that note, there are only four seeds in the 2023 Vienna Open doubles tournament, as is common at the 500-level. 

Additionally, the draw shows us that there are two wildcards and one qualifier to keep an eye on too. Remember – the qualifiers are set to face the number two seeds today. However, the two wildcards will not open their campaigns until tomorrow or even Wednesday, depending on the progression of the schedule. 

Vienna Open doubles seeds & top contenders

As far as top contenders in the 2023 Vienna Open doubles tournament go, it’s all about the top four seeds, as referenced earlier. This doesn’t mean that none of the other contenders have a chance – they certainly do. It’s just that the seeded pairings are the ‘more likely’ tournament winners, so let me provide an overview of the top seeds now:

  • Koolhof/Skupski – Seed One
  • Ram/Salisbury – Seed Two
  • Arevalo/Rojer – Seed Three
  • Gille/Vliegen – Seed Four

The seeds for this event are all highly talented, and highly successful doubles duos, and none of them are ‘new to the game’. This means they are experienced at the 500 level, and several of them are Grand Slam champions. But which of these Vienna Open doubles seeds has the best chance of winning the tournament?

2023 Vienna Open doubles prediction

At the end of the day, somebody has to win the tournament. And after performing some in-depth research, analyzing the Vienna Open doubles odds, and assessing a few other key areas, I’ve come up with my prediction for the event winners:

  • Arevalo/Rojer – TBD Odds

I’m going for Arevalo/Rojer, the third seeds, to win the tournament. They made the quarters of the Masters 1000 event in Shanghai a few weeks back, losing to the finalists. And they reached the semi-finals of the Japan Open doubles event last week, losing to the winners. So for me, they’ve been consistent and active in this part of the season, so they could overcome the odds and win the tournament.

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