2024 United Cup prize money – how much will the winners get?

As the tennis world eagerly anticipates the 2024 United Cup and the start of the new campaign, not only does this prestigious mixed-gender team tournament promise thrilling on-court action, but it also brings with it the allure of substantial prize money for the victorious teams.

In the heart of the Australian summer, from December 29, 2023, to January 7, 2024, tennis enthusiasts will witness top-tier competition across Sydney and Perth, as 18 nations compete fiercely for glory. Amidst the riveting rallies and strategic plays, the question arises: What awaits the champions at the culmination of this 11-day sporting spectacle?

United Cup prize money
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Let’s delve into the enticing details of the 2024 United Cup prize money, unravelling the rewards that await the triumphant mixed-gender teams.

United Cup prize money

In Perth and Sydney, the allure of victory extends beyond the thrill of competition to the substantial United Cup prize money at stake. With a total prize pool of approximately US$10 million, evenly distributed between the ATP and WTA, the tournament places a premium on recognizing individual and team achievements.

The prize money structure is intricately designed, comprising three key components: the participation fee, individual match wins, and team wins.

The participation fee, contingent on a player’s singles ranking, ranges from $200,000 for a top 10 player to $20,000 for a player ranked 251+.  The second player from each country also receives a participation fee based on their singles ranking, while the third player, whether in singles or doubles, earns a fee ranging from $30,000 to $6,000.

Beyond the participation fee, players have the opportunity to augment their earnings through individual match wins and team successes. Players can earn $38,325 for a group stage win, $69,500 for the quarter-finals, $132,000 in the semi-finals and $251,000 for going all the way and imposing their will in the final.

Team victories contribute to each player’s earnings. It starts off at $5,000 in the group stages and goes up to $8,025 in the quarter-finals. Placement in the semi-finals earns $13,650 while being in the showdown event helps them bag $23,155.

It’s noteworthy that these figures represent the minimum amounts players can earn, and the actual sums may fluctuate based on the number of matches participated in and victories secured. As the 2024 United Cup unfolds in the vibrant tennis landscape, the tantalizing prospect of substantial prize money adds an extra layer of excitement to the pursuit of glory for both individuals and united teams.

United Cup 2024: Maximum winnings

Thanks to the tournament’s format, the winnings for a national team’s number 1 player and number 3 player can be vastly different. To account for recouping the maximum United Cup prize money, we will go with the former.

Let’s say Iga Swiatek emerges triumphant in the United Cup, participating in every conceivable match while maintaining an undefeated record. In this theoretical instance, the Polish ace would accrue $883,385 in prize money and amass 500 ranking points, assuming her each opponent holds a top-10 ranking.

To break down the potential winnings:

  • Swiatek would begin with a $200k participation fee.
  • Singles victories in the final and semi-final would yield $251k and $132k, respectively.
  • Winning the mixed doubles in both the final and semi-final rounds would add $47,255 and $24,750.
  • City-level singles and mixed doubles victories would contribute $69,500 and $13,000.
  • Group stage success with two singles wins and mixed doubles victories would accumulate $76,650 and $14,400.
  • Team winnings, based on mixed doubles match outcomes, would include amounts like $23,155, $13,650, $8,025, and $10,000
RAC Arena - United Cup prize money
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It’s crucial to note that this calculation is based on the assumption that every tie is decided by a mixed doubles match, and Swiatek will be participating in all of them. However, with the Australian Open right around the corner, players will be taking precautions in the United Cup and sit back in fixtures and allow their compatriots to bask in the limelight.

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