Hamburg Open Doubles 2023: Contenders, Odds, and Predictions

The Hamburg European Open doubles event is taking place this week from July 24th through July 30th. It’s a clay court event that has both men’s and women’s tournaments taking place at the same venue, at the same time. However, the Hamburg Open doubles event carries ATP 500 status for the men and WTA 250 status for the women. So while the tournament is the same in terms of the name and surface, it has different levels of prestige for the ATP and WTA Tours.

Hamburg Open Doubles

Anyway, this is purely to give you an insight as to what’s taking place for the Hamburg European Open doubles event. But to give more insightful information, below, you will see updates on the progression of the tournament each day. You will also see daily updates on the top contenders along with some predictions for the matches that are scheduled each day.

All of that is pretty exciting in my book, so let’s get started, shall we?

Hamburg Open Doubles 2023 – Sunday, July 30th Updates


Here we are, on Sunday, July 30th, and one of the two Hamburg Open doubles tournaments has already been completed. If you’ve been tracking my daily updates, you’ll know that this tournament was the women’s doubles, which was contested yesterday. With that said, this leaves one remaining Hamburg European Open doubles match left to play. Of course, since the women’s doubles was finished yesterday, this match is the men’s doubles final. And for those who are hoping to take a punt on the game, I’ve given my prediction for the men’s doubles final in the relative section below.

However, before we get to that, let’s take a look back to discuss what went down in the women’s doubles final, as well as the remaining men’s doubles semi-final from yesterday. I’ve shared a recap of both the ATP and WTA Hamburg Open doubles sections here.

ATP Updates – Hamburg European Open Doubles

As expected, it was the number 3 seeds that marched forward to the Hamburg Open doubles final yesterday. To clarify, the 3rd seeds for the tournament are Puetz/Krawietz, and they stormed through their unseeded opponents in straight sets yesterday. Here is the match score:

  • Krawietz/Puetz (3rd seeds) beat Cacic/Cornea – 6-1 6-4

Following the outcome of this match, the prize for Krawietz/Puetz is a shot against the 4th seeds in the final. In case you haven’t yet seen the draw, their opponents will be the Belgian duo of Gille/Vliegen, and this game is set to be played at 11:45 AM this morning. And to remind you once again, I’ve shared my prediction for this game below.

Hamburg European Open Doubles – WTA Updates

The women’s doubles final was contested yesterday between Kulikov/Kolodziejova (2nd seeds) and Danilina/Panova (1st seeds). Ultimately, the 1st seeds pulled through in straight sets, and this was their best performance of the tournament. After scraping through in three sets against a pair of unseeded Italians in the semi-finals, they stepped up a level to dismantle the 2nd seeds by a score of 6-4 6-2. In doing so, they proved that they are Hamburg European Open doubles winners for 2023.

Predictions for Today

Now for the final prediction of the tournament – it’s time to see which way the men’s doubles final might swing today. The game is set to start in just a few hours, and I feel that the following prediction is the best call:

  • Krawietz/Puetz (3rd seeds) to beat Gille/Vliegen (4th seeds) – 4/9 Odds

Although the German pairing hasn’t had a day of rest like the Belgians, I feel they have looked sharper in the previous couple of rounds overall. They are also yet to drop a set all tournament, and the home crowd will also be a huge advantage for them today. Therefore, I believe that the 3rd seeds will take down the 4th seeds in the Hamburg European Open doubles final for the men.

2023 Hamburg Open Doubles – Saturday, July 29th Updates

Today marks the first of two ‘finals days’ at the Hamburg Open. If you’ve been tracking my Hamburg European Open doubles updates, you’ll know that the women’s doubles final will be played today. However, for the men’s doubles, there is still one semi-final to be played before we know the pairs that will fight for the title on Sunday, July 30th. Of course, the first of these semi-finals was played yesterday, and I’ve provided a recap of this match in the respective section below.

I’ve also given a preview of the Hamburg Open doubles final for the women, which you can read through before looking at my prediction for this game. Anyway, let’s start with the ATP updates before looking at the remaining semi-final and the women’s doubles final.

Hamburg Open Doubles – ATP Updates

It’s official – we have one pair in the final of the Hamburg European Open doubles event 2023. This leaves one pair left to join them in the final. And whoever joins them, the final should be an entertaining affair. As for the pair that has already reached the final, you can see the result below from the match that was completed yesterday:

  • Gille/Vliegen (4th seeds) beat Erler/Miedler – 6-3 6-4

Now that Gille/Vliegen have comfortably made it into the finals, they will play the winners of the other men’s doubles semi-finals from today. 

WTA Updates – Hamburg European Open Doubles

Since no women’s doubles matches were contested yesterday at the Hamburg Open, the draw is the same as it was following yesterday’s update. Just to clarify, the Hamburg Open doubles event for the women is at the finals stage. This means that there is one remaining match, and that will be the final between Danilina/Panova and Kolodziejova/Kulikov. As you will know from yesterday’s update, this final sees the top seeds take on the 2nd seeds in a final showdown. 

Predictions for Today

There are two matches on the schedule for the Hamburg Open doubles tournaments today. One of them is the second semi-final for the men’s doubles, and the other is the women’s final, as referenced above. Naturally, both should be great matches to watch, yet when it comes to the most appropriate wagers to make, I suggest backing the following:

  • Krawietz/Puetz (3rd seeds) to beat Cacic/Cornea – 2/9 Odds
  • Kulikov/Kolodziejova (2nd seeds) to beat Danilina/Panova (1st seeds) – 11/10 Odds

For the first of my predictions for today, it seems an obvious choice to back Krawietz/Puetz over Cacic/Cornea. They’ve dispatched two opponents in straight sets to reach this point, whereas Cacic/Cornea have beaten one ‘lucky loser’ pair and one ‘protected ranking’ pair. As for the women’s final, I’m going for Kulikov/Kolodziejova to beat Danilina/Panova. 

Both pairs squeezed through to make the final, yet Kulikov/Kolodziejova have needed to beat tougher opposition to get here. Therefore, they should be a little sharper than the top seeds, and for Kulikov, today is a chance to defend the title that she won in 2022.

Hamburg European Open Doubles 2023 – Friday, July 28th Updates

The Hamburg European Open is set to finish on Sunday, July 30th. So as you can imagine, we are right in at the business end of the tournament at this point. And on the schedule for Friday, July 28th, there is just a single men’s doubles match. That’s because the Hamburg European Open doubles event for the women is now at the finals stage, with the confirmed participants set to do battle on Saturday, July 29th. As for the men, one of the semi-finals will be played today, whereas the other semi-final will be played tomorrow. 

Of course, this means that the Hamburg Open doubles final for the men will be played on Sunday, July 30th. But before we get to that point, there are still a few matches left to complete. And if you haven’t seen the latest updates from the tournament, I’d like to change that now. So before I get to my daily predictions for the Hamburg Open doubles matches, let me share what occurred on the red clay of Hamburg yesterday for the respective events.

ATP Updates – Hamburg European Open Doubles

The men’s doubles event was packed yesterday, with three of the four quarter-final matches getting played. Naturally, once these three games were completed, we knew exactly who would face off in the semi-finals of the tournament. As for the exact results, you can see these below:

  • Cacic/Cornea beat Pella/Dellien
  • Krawietz/Puetz (3rd seeds) beat Cabal/Middelkoop
  • Miedler/Erler beat Dodig/Pavic (2nd seeds)

Following the results from yesterday, the semi-finals will see just two of the original four seeds take part. This is a bit of a shock really, especially since these seeds are the 3rd and 4th seeds, meaning the top two didn’t make the cut.

Hamburg Open Doubles – WTA Updates

What a day it was for the Hamburg European Open doubles event for the women on Thursday, July 27th. Amazingly, both of the matches needed a Championship tie-break to decide the outcome, and here are the results in case you missed them:

  • Panova/Danilina (1st seeds) beat Moratelli/Rosatello
  • Kulikov/Kolodziejova (2nd seeds) beat Heisen/Neel (3rd seeds)

The first seeds lost the opener before winning the second set in a very tight breaker, and they went on to destroy the unseeded Italians in a third set breaker, 10-3. As for the 2nd seeds, they won the third set breaker by a score of 14-12, which was just an epic effort. And now, they’ve set up the final that everyone wanted – the 1st against the 2nd seeds.

Predictions for Today

Since the number of matches left to complete is now very few, there is just one scheduled Hamburg European Open doubles game today. That game is the first of two men’s doubles semi-finals that are left to play, and I’ve shared my prediction for the match right here:

  • Gille/Vliegen (4th seeds) to beat Erler/Miedler – 4/5 Odds

Although Erler/Miedler managed to beat the 2nd seeds in their previous match, I still feel that Gille/Vliegen are experienced enough to take them out here. And let’s not forget, Gille/Vliegen were the runners-up in Roland Garros this year, so they are one of the best in the business on red clay.

2023 Hamburg European Open Doubles – Thursday, July 27th Updates

Both the women’s doubles and men’s doubles events in Hamburg have reached the quarter-finals stage as of today. Of course, this means that the respective draws have been halved since the opening round. And at the end of today, we will know a few of the pairs that have made it into the semi-finals. Yet before we get too far ahead of ourselves, I figured it’s beneficial to look at the match results from yesterday so that you are all caught up. This way, you’ll know how the Hamburg Open doubles draws are looking going into the quarter-finals/semi-finals.

Additionally, make sure you check out my predictions for today if you fancy placing a few wagers on the outcomes of the scheduled matches. These are discussed following my brief recap of the doubles outcomes from Wednesday, July 26th.

Hamburg Open Doubles – ATP Updates

Starting with the men’s doubles, all of the quarter-final clashes were established following the results from yesterday. However, it’s not like a ton of action was witnessed in the Hamburg European Open doubles event for the men yesterday. In fact, the number 2 seeds received a walkover to make the quarter-finals, and the number 4 seeds had their game suspended after dropping the opening set. This meant that just one match was completed in its entirety, which was Miedler/Erler taking down Mies/Martin in a thrilling three-setter.

WTA Updates – Hamburg Open Doubles

In contrast to the Hamburg European Open doubles matches for the men, all of the women’s matches were played and completed yesterday. A total of four women’s matches were contested and finished, and two of them were decided in Championship tie-breaks. Regarding these matches, the victors involved the number 2 seeds, Kulikov/Kolodziejova, as well as the unseeded Italians, Moratelli/Rosatello. As for the other two matches, it was a comfortable win for both the number 1 seeds and the number 3 seeds.

Predictions for Today

As I’ve stated above, the Hamburg Open doubles events are at the quarter-final stage (at least) at this point. Therefore, the scheduled matches today are either quarter-final or semi-final games, which puts some added pressure on the players involved. And when it comes to probable match outcomes, I’ve come up with the following tips – both of which have quite attractive odds:

  • Dellien/Pella to beat Cacic/Cornea – 23/20 Odds
  • Kulikov/Kolodziejova (2nd seeds) to beat Heisen/Neel (3rd seeds) – 8/15 Odds

Both of these tips show great value in terms of the odds. As for the justifications for such tips, Dellien/Pella took out the top seeds in straight sets in the previous round, and they face unseeded opponents this afternoon. And for Kulikov/Kolodziejova, they survived a scare in the quarters, yet this tight match should give them confidence and plenty of belief to win the upcoming semi-final today.

2023 Hamburg Open Doubles – Wednesday, July 26th Updates

The clay court event in Hamburg is marching forward with each passing day. And concerning the doubles results from yesterday, things didn’t exactly go as expected for some of the top seeds. Details of these shocking results will be shared within the respective Hamburg European Open doubles tournament sections below. In addition to that, I will be giving you an update on how the draws for both the ATP and WTA tournaments have changed based on these match outcomes.

At the same time, as I’ve promised to do for each day of the tournament, I’ve wrapped things up with some Hamburg Open doubles predictions for the matches scheduled today. To go along with these predictions, I’ve justified why these outcomes could well materialize, and I’ve also provided the odds so that you know what kind of value is on the table.

Anyway, you are no doubt eager to learn what these updates are and what predictions I have created for today. So let me get started right away. 

ATP Updates – Hamburg European Open Doubles

Since I referenced shocking results from the Hamburg Open doubles tournament yesterday, I would like to share one result that surprised everyone. Amazingly, the number one seeds and defending champions, Glasspool/Heliovaara, lost to Dellien/Pella in the opening round. This was totally unexpected, and it has split the top half of the men’s doubles draw wide open. But besides that, it was business as usual for the 3rd seeds, Krawietz/Puetz, as they secured a straight sets win to reach the quarter-finals.

Hamburg Open Doubles – WTA Updates

Shifting the focus to the women’s doubles event now, some more big shocks went down in Hamburg yesterday. The 4th seeds, Rus/Udvardy, went out to the German wildcards, Noha Akugue/Seidel, in a thrilling match that ended 12-10 in a Championship tie-break. Therefore, the path to the finals is now rather straightforward for the number one seeds, Danilina/Panova, in the top half. However, both the 2nd and 3rd seeds are into the quarter-finals in the bottom half, which guarantees more top-quality matches in that section.

Predictions for Today

There are plenty of high-quality matches scheduled in the Hamburg European Open doubles event today. However, I believe that the following two matches and associated predictions lead to the best value out of all possible wagers: 

  • Gille/Vliegen (4th seeds) to beat Haase/Mektic – 17/20 Odds
  • Heisen/Neel (3rd seeds) to beat Siskova/Voracova – 4/5 Odds

In the men’s doubles, I see no reason that the established duo of Gille/Vliegen would fail to beat Haase/Mektic, even if Mektic is a solid doubles player. And for the women’s doubles, the 3rd seeds scored a comfortable path to the quarters in their opening match, whereas their opponents today made it through in a Championship tie-break. Therefore, the most likely outcome is for the 3rd seeds to win.

Hamburg European Open Doubles – Tuesday, July 25th Updates

As we arrive at the second day of the Hamburg Open doubles event, we’ve already seen the first few matches of 2023 completed. For the men’s event, two of the first-round matches were completed yesterday. And for the women’s event, a total of four doubles matches were played and completed on Monday, July 24th. Of course, this leaves space in the Hamburg Open schedule for the remaining first-round games in both events to be played today. And when the final ball is struck at the end of play, we will know who the quarter-finalists are in both events, pending no delays!

With this said, since the Hamburg Open doubles tournament has both the ATP and WTA tournaments running at the same time, I’d like to divide my updates accordingly. I’ve also given several predictions for the matches that are scheduled today, along with the latest odds for the stipulated bets. That’s all discussed after I’ve given you the recent developments from yesterday, so let’s dive into things now.

Hamburg Open Doubles – ATP Updates

On Monday, July 24th, just two matches were played in the Hamburg European Open doubles event for the men. These matches saw the 4th seeds, Gille/Vliegen, go through in straight sets against Jebens/Frantzen. Additionally, the unseeded pairing of Mektic/Haase scored a straight-sets win over Zapata Miralles/Baez. Other than these two matches, I have nothing to report from the Hamburg Open doubles tournament for the men. However, there are many matches coming up today that you should tune in for.

WTA Updates for Hamburg Open Doubles

The women’s doubles event had slightly more action than the men’s yesterday, but only marginally. Both the 1st seeds (Danilina/Panova) and the 3rd seeds (Neel/Heisen) made it through without any trouble. And in the other match, which saw two unseeded pairings do battle, it was the Austrian duo of Klaffner/Kraus that took victory over Bayerlova/Radisic. 

Today’s Predictions for Hamburg European Open Doubles

Now for the ‘unknown’ element of my updates for the Hamburg Open doubles event today – the upcoming matches. As noted above, there are many games scheduled for today, as all first-round matches need to be wrapped up to keep the tournament progressing smoothly. And having looked at the games, I’ve created the following predictions:

  • Kolodziejova/Kulikov (2nd seeds) to beat Aney/Sharma – 8/13 Odds
  • Moratelli/Rosatello to beat Appleton/Lohoff – 3/4 Odds

Of all the matches scheduled, these two games demonstrate the best value, in my opinion. The 2nd seeds should definitely score a win over Aney/Sharma, especially with Kulikov being last year’s doubles champion. Secondly, Moratelli/Rosatello are a more accomplished pairing on clay compared to their opponents, which should make a key difference in the outcome of this one.

Hamburg Open Doubles – Event Overview

As referenced above, there is both an ATP and a WTA event taking place in Hamburg this week. And for those who are interested, you can check out our ATP Hamburg Open predictions or our WTA Hamburg Open predictions on a daily basis. Of course, I will be doing this for the respective doubles events too, while taking you through the schedule and upcoming matches at each stage. However, before getting to that, I feel it’s useful for you to have an idea of how each tournament will operate over the coming week.

Hamburg European Open Doubles – ATP

The duo of Glasspool/Heliovaara are the defending champions for the men’s event, and subsequently, they are the number 1 seeds this year. There are 16 teams involved in the tournament, which means that there are 32 players in total. And ultimately, to win the event, a pair must win four matches in a row to secure €112,500 in prize money.

Hamburg Open Doubles – WTA

Things are a little different for the Hamburg European Open doubles event for the women. Last year’s winners were Chang/Kulikov, but Chang is not in the event this year. Instead, Kulikov is set to partner with Kolodziejova, and they are the number 2 seeds. With this said, the format for the women’s doubles is identical to the men’s doubles. And for the pair that wins four straight matches, they will receive €10,820 between them – much less than the men for the ATP 500 event.

Top Contenders for Hamburg European Open Doubles

When it comes to top contenders, you don’t need to look much beyond the seeds for either event. So on that note, let me reveal the top 4 seeds for both the Hamburg Open doubles event for the men and women:

Men’s Seeds

  • Glasspool/Heliovaara – 1st seeds
  • Dodig/Pavic – 2nd seeds
  • Krawietz/Puetz – 3rd seeds
  • Gille/Vliegen – 4th seeds

Women’s Seeds

  • Danilina/Panova – 1st seeds
  • Kolodziejova/Kulikov – 2nd seeds
  • Heisen/Neel – 3rd seeds
  • Rus/Udvardy – 4th seeds

Outright Predictions for Hamburg Open Doubles

At the end of the day, somebody must win both events. And while I will be creating daily predictions for the Hamburg European Open, I also wanted to provide some outright predictions before the main draw starts. This way, if you back the players that I am tipping to win the title, and they did achieve this, you’d get much better odds than if you wait for a few rounds to be played. 

That’s because with each passing round, a pairing’s chances of winning the tournament increase, which lowers the respective odds. So with that in mind, I’ve got two outright winner predictions – one for the men, and one for the women.

Men’s Outright Prediction – Dodig/Pavic

For my men’s outright prediction, I’m going with the 2nd seeds, Dodig/Pavic. I believe they would be a great pick because Dodig recently captured the French Open title with a different partner, and Roland Garros is a clay court event. However, he has now switched back to Pavic as his partner here, and the two have enjoyed great success together over the last 24 months.

Women’s Outright Prediction – Kolodziejova/Kulikov

For my women’s outright prediction, I’m going with last year’s champion, Kulikov, and her new partner, Kolodziejova. This duo are also the 2nd seeds. And while yes, they might not have a recent track record of success together, it’s always a good indicator when a champion returns to an event to defend a title. 

Hamburg European Open Doubles – FAQs

Will you be providing Hamburg European Open doubles predictions every day?

Yes, I will be releasing predictions in the mornings ahead of each day. 

Are the odds you’ve given for Hamburg Open doubles predictions accurate?

Yes, the provided odds are 100% accurate at the time of publication. Yet they may shift by the time you see them, which is normal.

Can I wager on your outright predictions during the week?

Yes, but the longer you wait, the shorter the odds will become for the top contenders.

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