Diane Parry: Ranking, Age, Career Statistics of the Young French Tennis Star

With French Open on its way, we will see a few young French players in the main draw thanks to invitations they got by the tournament and one of those players is Diane Parry.

Diane Parry
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In this article, we will take a closer look at Parry, her age, career statistics, and other important facts and figures regarding her young tennis career.

How Old Is Diane Parry?

Diane Parry was born on September 1, 2002 in Nice. During her childhood, she lived with three older brothers and a younger sister. She started playing tennis at the age of five, at the TCBB in Boulogne-Billancourt, the same club where her whole family played. Very quickly, she was spotted thanks to her very advanced skills for her age.  The more time passed, the more she played, showing her passion for the sport, even at home by hitting a foam ball against a wall or a bay window.

In parallel with tennis, she returned to La Fontaine College in Paris in the tennis section on a flexible schedule, meaning that she went to the national training center every day from the age of 13. In total, she practiced for two hours a day with an additional hour of physical training. At the age of 16, Diane Parry made her professional debut.

Diane Parry’s Career Statistics

In her young career, Diane Parry has won five titles including four in 2021. For the moment, none on the main tour, but she still won the Futures (W25) of Périgueux, Turin and Seville, then the Challenger (WTA 125) from Montevideo.

Then, very recently, on Sunday May 21, 2023, Parry won the challenger (WTA 125) from Paris Lagardère. She did so without playing the final because her opponent McNally withdrew a few moments before the start of the match.

Current WTA Rankings of Diane Parry

Diane Parry was out of the Top 100 for a few months, but thanks to her last victory in WTA 125, she was able to set foot there again and is currently in 79th place in the world, according to the newest WTA rankings.

After reaching third round at Roland Garros last year, she has 90 points to defend this year, which is a tough task since she has been drawn against Anhelina Kalinina in the first round, who is currently 26th in the WTA rankings. However, Parry managed to overcome this first obstacle and beat the Ukrainian, but she fell to Andreeva in the second round.

Diane Parry’s Latest Results and Next Match

While the results have not been very good for Diane Parry in recent months after several early eliminations in Futures, Challenger or WTA 1000 qualification, she came back strong by winning the Clarins Challenger in Paris at the Lagardère club. This victory consolidated her in the Top 100.

As we said before, Parry met with Kalinina in the first round of Roland Garros, and, to the surprise of many, managed to beat her quite convincingly, 2-0 (6-26-3).

In the second round of French Open, Diane Parry met with another youngster, an impressive teenager from Russia, Mirra Andreeva. Andreeva is currently in 143rd place in the WTA rankings, so she should’ve been an easier opponent than Kalinina for Parry, at least on paper. However, Andreeva dominated Parry in their duel, beating her 2-0 (6-1, 6-2).

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