How and where did Denis Shapovalov and Mirjam Bjorklund got engaged?

The ATP world number 23 Canadian tennis player Denis Shapovalov flew to Sweden on Thursday to propose to his long-term girlfriend Mirjam Bjorklund. The WTA world number 136 Swedish tennis player apparently has said yes.

How it all happened? When did the couple started dating? How long they have been together?

Who are the professional tennis players Denis Shapovalov and Mirjam Bjorklund?

Mirjam Bjorklund
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Mirjam Bjorklund is a Swedish professional tennis player that has never been in the world’s top 100 as of yet. Her highest WTA ranking was 123rd back in July 2022. Currently, Bjorklund sits 136th in the world’s ranking. Her professional career only started in 2022 and despite making decent progress and the main draws of 2 of the 3 Grand Slams so far this year Bjorklund is yet to record her first main draw Grand Slam victory.

Denis Shapovalov has been a top-25 player for several years now. The 2021 Wimbledon semifinalists and 2-time quarterfinals from other Grand Slams has reached as high as 10th in the world rankings but currently he sits only in the 23rd place. The Canadian has had difficulties in the last 12 months finding consistency and injuries have been troubling him too.

Denis Shapovalov
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When did the Shapovalov-Bjorklund romance started?

Shapovalov and Bjorklund, both age 24, started dating way back in 2019. As their yearly celebration reveals the couple got together for the first time midway through the 2019 Wimbledon. Over the 4 years that followed their bond grew only stronger, according to admissions from both partners, and during the recently concluded 2023 Wimbledon they celebrated the 4th anniversary of their relationship.

Earlier this year in an interview Denis Shapovalov opened and shared how Mirjam Bjorklund impacts his life. Here’s what the Canadian said for the ATP website back in March:

“I think a big part of that is obviously Mirjam [Bjorklund], my girlfriend. First of all, we’ve just been able to spend a lot more time together and do fun stuff. I feel like wherever we are, we always think of fun things to do, things to see and restaurants and stuff like that to go to. I just feel like life is super fun. I’m enjoying it a lot, being by her side. I think she’s an amazing person and she makes me very happy. Not much more you can ask for,”

How the couple got engaged and where?

After their early exits from this year’s Wimbledon, both Shapovalov and Bjorklund spent some time together. Yet they soon had to part ways as Bjorklund flew to her homeland to take part in the WTA125  Nordea Open. Shapovalov surprised her when flying to Sweden and on the beaches of the town where Bjorklund grew up, Bastad, in a fairy-tale-like manner he proposed. Bjorklund said yes.

The proposal was captured for mementoes beautifully by the professional photographer Kate Gabor. Now all we have to do is wait to hear the date and the venue of the wedding.

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