Davis Cup 2023 predictions – best tips for the men’s event

davis cup predictions
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The Davis Cup has a 124-year history of putting on good spectacles, and this year will be no different. We are about to see one of the season’s finest matches, which will determine the finalists. Last year, Canada and Australia reached the final. This time, a new champion is expected, but first the eight finalists must be chosen. Many people are looking forward to the match between Alcaraz and Djokovic, hoping that both would advance to the next round of the Davis Cup finals.

Davis Cup 2023 predictions

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Italy vs Sweden prediction: Italy to win 3-0

Sweden emerged as one of the weaker teams not only in Group A, but throughout the Davis Cup group play. The Swedish team has yet to win a single game. This aspect is extremely detrimental to them on the final matchday, since even if they win 3-0, they would be tied with Chile and Italy, but will be the most handicapped due to their victory record.

The winning formula Italy requires in order to qualify is to win. The only way for them to qualify without winning is for one of these delegates to win at least one match and each of the other two matches must be won by at least one set.

  • Italy vs Sweden will start at 14:00

Great Britain vs France: Great Britain to win 3-0

So far, the United Kingdom has been the more balanced team and the only unbeaten team in Group B. Despite this, they are in risk of failing to advance to the next round, therefore we can expect them to win all three of their matches against France with much more confidence.

Given the two teams’ performances in the previous two rounds, each singles and doubles match is likely to be very close. Cameron Norrie could be making amends for his loss to Stan Wawrinka.

  • Great Britain vs France will start at 13:00

Spain vs South Korea: Spain to win 3-0

Spain has never lost against South Korea, but their record isn’t outstanding because they’ve only met twice. Nonetheless, a comparison of their respective rosters reveals that the Spanish team outperforms the Asians.

Spain missing out and advancing to the third round without a chance is a huge disappointment. The players will attempt to earn a consolation prize by defeating South Korea 3-0. Spain came close to winning several matches but were outplayed by Serbia and the Czech Republic; I doubt this will happen against the next opponent.

  • Spain vs South Korea will start at 14:00

Croatia vs Netherland: Netherlands to win 2-1

The tulip country is the only one to have won the first two rounds. They are, however, in danger of losing a match against the United States and Finland, the latter of which is currently leading and will remain so if the Netherlands do not win.

The Croatian team has no choice except to win at least one match in order to avoid going home empty-handed. However, their lack of motivation may work against them, and the Dutch will claim their third victory.

  • Croatia vs Netherland will start at 14:00

Davis Cup 2023 matches

We will see some magnificent matches in the first round, so let´s check the Davis Cup schedule.

Thursday 14th

Italy vs Sweden is set at 13:00 in Manchester, England

Great Britain vs France is set at 14:00 in Bolonia, Italy

Spain vs South Korea is set at 14:00 in Valencia, Spain

Croatia vs Netherlands is set at 14:00 in Split, Croatia

Frequently asked questions about Davis Cup

davis cup predictions
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  • Who is the current champion? Cadana stunned everyone a year ago when he qualified for the Davis Cup final and beat Australia to become champion.
  • Which of the top ten will compete in this year’s Davis Cup? Djokovic (1), Alcaraz (2), and Tiafoe (10).

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