Davis Cup 2023 schedule and order of play – updated daily

Some people believe that only women will compete in events such as the San Diego Open or the Tokyo Open, but the truth is that this week will be crucial for male sportsmen hoping to qualify for the Davis Cup finals. 16 teams from around the world will be divided into four groups of four teams each. The leading and second place finishers in each group will progress to the quarterfinals.

davis cup schedule 2023
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The four groups will be hosted in four different locales. Group A will be represented in Bologna by Italy, Canada, Sweden, and Chile. In Manchester, Australia, France, Switzerland, and the United Kingdom will compete in Group B. Valencia will host Group C, which will contain Spain, Serbia, the Czech Republic, and South Korea. Croatia will host the USA, Netherlands, and Finland in Group D, which will be held in Split.

Stay tuned for the dates and times of each Davis Cup Finals Group Stages matches, as well as our analysis. You may also view all of our daily updated tennis predictions.

Davis Cup order of play – Sunday, September 17

Discover which matches will be held in the cities listed below. Check out the following tennis predictions and betting suggestions.

Bolonia – Group A

Italy vs Sweden match start at 14:00

Manchester – Group B

Great Britain vs France kickoff is at 13:00

Valencia – Groups C

Spain vs South Korea fixture starts at 14:00

Split – Group D

Croatia vs Netherlands kickoff is at 14:00

Davis Cup schedule 2023 – The full tournament overview

There will be four duels per day, one from each group. Due to the crossings, the teams will play at least twice in a row. Even if a team is leading 2-0, the third match must be played since it will be used if there is a tie after the Davis Cup group round. The following is the schedule for each round.

  • Matchday 1: September 12-13
  • Matchday 2: September 14-15
  • Matchday 3: September 16-17

Favourite rivalry at Davis Cup

Despite being a country competition, the Davis Cup Finals Group Stages scheduled several entertaining duels.

Italy vs Sweden

Despite the fact that the Swedish squad has little chance of progressing to the next round, this match is crucial for defining group A. Canada is untouchable after three bouts, but who will finish second is still up in the air.

It could be a variety of things depending on the outcome. If Sweden wins 3-0, Chile will progress to the next round. Even if they trail 2-1, Italy can still qualify if they win at least three sets against Sweden. A win for Italy would guarantee them a spot in the following round.

Great Britain vs France

Both teams have a chance to advance to the next round; the main thing is that they rely solely on themselves and must win; there is no other option. Australia has already qualified for the Davis Cup quarter-finals; all they need now is a partner.

Ironically, the United Kingdom is on the verge of elimination while still being one step away from finishing first in the group. If the United Kingdom wins, they will be the only team to have collected all three points; if they lose, they will finish second to France.

Spain vs South Korea

In this match, two teams will compete for at least one win to advance to the Davis Cup group round. Despite the fact that many of their singles matches went to three sets, they were unable to win.

The one saving grace in this duel is that the winner will not finish last. Arriving to this final flight with no prospect of advancing to the next round was a tremendous disappointment for the Spanish team.

Croatia vs Netherlands

The Netherlands were knocked out of first position by an astonishing triumph by the Finnish team over the USA. To reclaim the lead, the orange-clad team will need to defeat Croatia.

Croatia might have won a match in the two matches against the United States and Finland, but they did not receive points, leaving them as the only team without a chance to advance to the next stage.

Frequently Asked Questions

davis cup schedule 2023
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  • Who were the most recent champions? Many people were startled when Canada defeated Australia 2-0.
  • How many teams advance to the Quarterfinals? There are eight teams, two in each group.
  • Where can I watch the Davis Cup in the United Kingdom? The BBC will cover all of the events.

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