Billie Jean King Cup Africa Group III Results

The results from Group III of the Billie Jean King Africa Cup are in. The end of this tournament left a lot of good plays, and the passion of each of the teams in search of promotion was evident. Find out what were the results of the last matchday and in which position each team was placed. Which team was relegated? Which one got promoted?

Billy Jean King Cup Africa Group III Schedule
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The Billie Jean King Cup Africa Group III Scores have been impressive. When it seemed that some teams had no chance to qualify for the final, there were several surprises.. In addition to the previous results, you can also find out what the BJK Cup Africa Format is.

Billie Jean King Cup Africa Group III

Zone 1:

In Zone 1, there was a three-way tie on points, but the number of total wins favoured Morocco who finished in first place with 13 wins, followed by Kenya who lost the lead on the last day. Nigeria managed the feat of defeating Kenya, but it was not enough to regain the top spot. Uganda was the worst team in Zone 1, losing all 15 matches and scoring no points.

Morocco 4 Wins, 1 loss, 13-2. 4 pts

Kenya 4 Wins, 1 loss, 12-3. 4 pts

Nigeria 3 Wins, 1 loss, 11-4. 4 pts

Botswana 2 Wins, 3 losses, 5-10. 2 pts

Namibia  1 Win, 4 losses, 4-11. 1 pts

Uganda 0 wins, 5 losses, 0-15 0 pts

Zone 2:

Despite being without Ons Jabeur on this occasion, Tunisia’s representatives have held their own in each of their matches, both in singles and doubles. In the last match of the group stage, they increased their favouritism by defeating the other remaining team with a perfect score, Zimbabwe. For all the teams in Zone 2, it was a piece of cake to play Seychelles, who did not win a single match.

Tunisia 5 Wins, 0 losses, 15-0 5 pts

Zimbabwe 4 Wins, 1 loss, 11-4. 4 pts

Ghana  3 Wins, 2 losses, 8-7. 3 pts

Mauricio 2 Win, 3 losses, 7-8. 2 pts

Burundi 1 Win, 4 losses, 4-11. 1 pts

Seychelles 0 Wins, 5 losses, 0-15. 0 pts

BJK Cup Africa Group III Results

The group stage left us with more than one exciting match. None of the two groups was decided until the last day, as up to 5 teams had a chance to win one of the 2 places in the final. Morocco and Tunisia faced each other for the final berth, Kenya faced Zimbabwe for third place, and Seychelles tried to avoid relegation against Uganda,

Monday, June 12th

Tunisia defeated Seychelles 3-0

Nigeria defeated Uganda 3-0

Kenya defeated Morocco 2-1

Zimbabwe defeated Ghana 3-0

Mauritius defeated Burundi 3-0

Botswana defeated Namibia 2-1

Tuesday, June 13th

Tunisia defeated Mauritius 3-0

Morocco defeated Uganda 3-0

Ghana defeated Seychelles 3-0

Nigeria defeated Namibia 3-0

Zimbabwe defeated Burundi 2-1

Kenya defeated Botswana 3-0

Wednesday, June 14th

Zimbabwe defeated Seychelles 3-0

Kenya defeated Uganda 3-0

Tunisia defeated Burundi 3-0

Morocco defeated Namibia 3-0

Ghana defeated Mauritius 3-1

Nigeria defeats Botswana 3-0

Thursday, June 15th

Botswana defeated Uganda 3-0

Burundi defeated Seychelles 3-0

Morocco defeated Nigeria 3-0

Kenya defeated Namibia 3-0

Tunisia defeated Ghana 3-0

Zimbabwe defeated Mauritius 3-0

Friday, June 16th

Ghana defeated Burundi 3-0

Morocco defeated Botswana 3-0

Mauritius defeated Seychelles 3-0

Namibia defeated Uganda 3-0

Nigeria defeated Kenya 2-1

Tunisia defeated Zimbabwe 3-0

Saturday, June 17th

Marocco defeated Tunisia 2-1

Kenya defeated Zimbabwe 2-1

Nigeria defeated Ghana 2-0

Mauritius defeated Botswana 2-0

Namibia defeated Burundi 2-1

Uganda defeated Seychelles 2-0

BJK Cup Africa Group III Final Order

Despite the end of the group stage, each team had a final match to define many things such as the promoted team, the relegated team, as well as the final order of the table.

Billy Jean King Cup Africa Format
Billie Jean King Cup – Photo by Icon sport

Common Questions at BJK Cup Africa Group III

  1. Morocco (promoted)
  2. Tunisia
  3. Kenya
  4. Zimbabwe
  5. Nigeria
  6. Ghana
  7. Mauritius
  8. Botswana
  9. Namibia
  10. Burundi
  11. Uganda
  12. Seychelles (relegated)

Which team was promoted?

The Moroccan team made an excellent recovery in the last few rounds to reach the BJK Cup Africa Group III final, after defeating Tunisia who were undefeated, Marocco will be part of Group II for the following season.

Which team was relegated?

Seychelles was the disappointment of this qualification and did not win a single series. With 0 points and a record of 0 wins in 17 matches, one of their worst results in the qualifiers.

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