Billie Jean King Cup Africa Format

Nairobi is the venue for 12 nations to do their best to fight for the one spot that allows the Billie Jean King Cup Africa Teams to advance to Group II. From 12-17 June, we will be enjoying some intense matches on the warm Kenyan clay courts.

Billie Jean King Cup Africa Format
The Billie Jean King Cup – Photo by Icon sport

In this article, we will focus on the Billie Jean King Cup Africa Format Group III, and there is another one where you can find out about the Billie Jean King Cup Africa Group III Results.

Billie Jean King Cup Africa Format

This tournament is recognised for its importance in women’s tennis and the effort that the best players in the world make to promote their respective countries. Another peculiar feature of this event is that it is the longest running event in a year in professional tennis.

With a participation of more than 100 nations worldwide and a tournament that lasts for a whole year, it is normal that there is a Billie Jean King Cup Format, which is complex to understand. In short, there are 4 Groups categorised by levels, with Group 4 being the lowest, while Group 1 is the highest, and its members are the only ones with a chance to compete for a place in the Billie Jean King Cup finals.

The 12 Billie Jean King Cup Africa Teams will be divided into two groups, where they will play against each other. Each country will play two singles matches and one doubles match against each of their group opponents.

At the end of the group stage, the teams that finish in first place will play against each other to determine who will advance to the Billie Jean King Cup Group II. On the other hand, the teams finishing in last place in each group will play each other, and the loser of this match will be relegated to Group IV.

Billie Jean King Cup Africa Group III

There are 12 African nations in Africa Group III. Only one will advance to the top group, while the worst team will be relegated to the lowest group in the competition. The 12 Billie Jean King Cup Africa Teams will be divided as follows:

Zone 1: Botswana, Kenya, Marocco, Namibia, Nigeria, y Uganda.

Botswana (ranked 100)

Chelsea Chakanyuka, Cheludo Leungo Monnayoo, Kelebogile Monnayoo

Kenya (ranked 116)

Angella Okutoyi, Roselida Asumwa, Cynthia Wanjala, Melissa Nanjala Mwakha, Alicia Owegi

Marocco (ranked 90)

Aya El Aouni, Manai Annacari, Yasmine Kabbaj, Malak El Allami

Namibia (ranked 113)

Liques Theron, Leandro Navia Louw, Joanivia Bezuidenhout, Lisa Lía Yissel

Nigeria (ranked 10)

Barakat Oyinlomo Quadre, Adesuwa Osabuohien, Divine Dasani Nweke, Sarah Adegoke

Uganda (ranked 114)

Edinah Nabiryo, Abigail Nabasinga Mulungi, Patience Athieno, Winnie Birungi

Zone 2: Burundi, Ghana, Mauritius, Seychelles, Tunisia, y Zimbabwe.

Burundi (ranked 109)

Hoziane Kitambala, Mwamini Bitungwa, Zaituni Akeza

Ghana (ranked 106)

Elizabeth Kapari Bagerbaseh, Sisu-Makena Tomegah, Yvonne Bruce Togoe, Annette Cruickshank

Mauritius (ranked 114)

Zara Lennon, Tippi Dalle Grave, Astrid Tixier

Seychelles (ranked 117)

Zenab Kanye, Ashaelle Bastienne, Marie-May Isnard

Tunisia (ranked 93)

Chiraz Bechri, Feryel Ben Hassen, Ran in Rassil, Hiba Heni

Zimbabwe (ranked 112)

Sasha Natalie Chimedza, Rufaro Margarita, Tadiwanashe Eunice Mauchi, Tanyaradzwa Midzi

BJK Cup Africa Group III Schedule

Over 6 days we will see some of the best African tennis players play against each other. The draw produced some interesting pairings, with Nigeria and Tunisia being the strongest teams in the group.

Billie Jean King Cup Africa Format
Billie Jean King Cup – Photo by Icon sport

Monday, June 12th

Tunisia vs Seychelles

Nigeria vs Uganda

Morocco vs Kenya

Ghana vs Zimbabwe

Borunsi va Mauritios

Botsuana vs Namibia

Tuesday, June 13th

Tunisia vs Mauritius

Marocco vs Uganda

Ghana vs Seychelles

Nigeria vs Namibia

Borundi vs Zimbabwe

Botsuana vs Kenya

Wednesday, June 14th

Zimbabwe vs Seychelles

Uganda vs Kenya

Tunisia vs. borundi

Marocco vs Namibia

Ghana vs Mauritius

Thursday, June 15th

Botswana vs Uganda

Burundi vs Seychelles

Morocco vs Nigeria

Namibia vs Kenya

Tunisia vs Ghana

Zimbabwe vs Mauritius

Friday, June 16th

Ghana vs Burundi

Morocco vs Botswana

Mauritius vs Seychelles

Namibia vs Uganda

Nigeria vs Kenia

Tunisia vs Zimbabwe

Saturday, June 17th

Final match

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