ATP Finals doubles 2023: Contenders, groups, and odds

Ready to watch the 2023 ATP Finals doubles unfold this week? I certainly am, especially since this event is running in tandem with the singles competition! Of course, this is the crown jewel of the ATP season, as the tournament winners will be hailed as the ‘Kings of 2023’. 

ATP Finals Doubles 2023

However, there can only be one winner, and the 2023 ATP Finals doubles tournament competition will be fierce. Then again, I wouldn’t expect anything less, considering that this event involves the top eight doubles performers of the season.

As for what’s about to unfold regarding the groups, players, standings, matches, odds, and more, it’s all covered for you below.

ATP Finals doubles 2023 – groups and players involved

As mentioned above, the 2023 ATP Finals doubles tournament consists of the top eight partnerships in the world. This is determined in the exact same way as the main singles event, and the ATP Finals format for the doubles event is identical to the singles competition. To clarify, the top eight players are split into two groups of four, and the top two from each group will move to the knockout stage.

As for the specific groups and which players are involved, let me give you the scoop right now:

Green Group

  • Dodig/Krajicek
  • Gonzalez/Roger-Vasselin
  • Granollers/Zeballos
  • Gonzalez/Molteni

Red Group

  • Koolhof/Skupski
  • Bopanna/Ebden
  • Ram/Salisbury
  • Hijikata/Kubler

With respect to these two groups, the seeds have been divided up accordingly following the draw. This ensures that both of the groups are somewhat balanced, and for the fans, it guarantees that many high-quality and competitive matches will be played this week.

2023 ATP Finals doubles schedule

I referenced above that the ATP Finals doubles competition is played alongside the singles event. Yet, I haven’t yet covered the exact ATP Finals schedule about the doubles competition. So, let me change that right now. 

In case you haven’t yet checked out the build-up to this event, I’d like first to confirm that the tournament begins on Sunday, November 12th. This is also called ‘day one’, and the tournament will conclude on Sunday, November 19th. Of course, plenty of tennis will be played over the following week.

Now you have a full overview of the ATP Finals doubles competition in terms of the schedule, let me quickly cover the individual days. Because the tournament follows a round-robin format, each day will host 2x group matches until we reach the semi-finals. These are scheduled for Saturday, November 18th.

As for who will make it into the semi-finals, the pairs who finish in the top two positions from both the Green and Red Group will make the semi-finals. From here, the winners will face off in the finals on Sunday, November 19th. 

ATP Finals doubles
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ATP Finals doubles – main contenders, odds, and predictions

Last but not least, I’d like to provide a few tips and predictions with respect to the main contenders. Yet before I do that, let me identify who the main contenders are based on their results in 2023 and recent form.

Main contenders for the 2023 ATP Finals doubles event

After taking an in-depth look at each of the pairs who have made it into the ATP Finals doubles event, I believe three pairs have a decent chance of taking the title:

  • Bopanna/Ebden – 5/1 Odds

As per the draw, Bopanna/Ebden are the number three seeds. However, they have been one of the most consistent performers on the ATP Tour over the last few months. In fact, they’ve reached the finals in all three of the biggest tournaments since September – the US Open, Shanghai Masters, and Paris Masters.

  • Gonzalez/Roger-Vasselin – 6/1 Odds

The duo of Gonzalez/Roger-Vasselin are right behind Bopanna/Ebden regarding the seeding. They are the 4th seeds at the 2023 ATP Finals doubles event, and deservedly so. In terms of form, you’ve got to say that these guys top the list after winning the 2023 Paris Masters just one week ago!

  • Ram/Salisbury – 9/2 Odds

Finally, Ram/Salisbury are the 6th seeds for the ATP Finals doubles tournament despite winning the 2023 US Open. Since winning that Grand Slam in September, they’ve made the semi-finals of the recent Paris Masters, losing to Gonzalez/Roger-Vasselin. But they have a great chance if they bring the kind of tennis that saw them win the US Open in New York!

Outright prediction for the 2023 ATP Finals Doubles competition

At the end of the day, someone has to win the tournament. And in my opinion, the consistency of Bopanna/Ebden in recent times makes me believe that this could well be their time to win. However, they must overcome that final hurdle to make this a reality!

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