2024 Australian Open seeds – top dogs in Melbourne

2024 Australian Open seeds – top dogs in Melbourne
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Have you seen the latest news on the Australian Open seeds for 2024? With the draw officially released, we finally know two critical things about both the men’s and women’s singles events. 

Firstly, we know who the 2024 Australian Open seeds are for each draw. And secondly, following the release of the Australian Open draw, we know where these seeds are placed for the upcoming event. Of course, both elements are important for their own reasons.

Knowing who the top seeds are is important for those who wish to monitor the tournament favourites. Yet this can also be important if you are tracking the Australian Open betting odds with the intention of placing a wager or two. As for where these seeded players have been placed, prior to the draw release, we only knew where the top two seeds would be.

But now, the 2024 Australian Open tournament is starting to take shape. Adding to this exciting news, you should know that in line with the brand new Australian Open schedule for 2024, the first rounds of the main draw will be played on Sunday, January 14th. 

From that point onwards, it’s all hands on deck for what will be the 112th edition of the Australian Open. 

As for a full breakdown of the seeds for the Australian Open this year, that’s what we are about to discuss in detail – so let’s dive right in.

Australian Open seeds 2024 – a quick overview

Before I cover the main seeds for the 2024 Australian Open, I’d like to address a couple of quick points that will help you understand the draw a little better. So to get right to it, you should know that for the singles events, there are 32 seeded players in both the men’s and women’s tournaments. 

As for the Australian Open doubles events, the men’s and women’s tournaments have 16 seeded pairs each. This is just half the number of seeds compared with the singles draws, yet this number is halved again when it comes to the mixed doubles draw. To clarify – the mixed doubles event has just 8 seeded pairs.

The reason for this reduced number of seeds when working through the singles, doubles, and mixed doubles events is simply due to the respective draw sizes. For those who don’t know, the singles draws have 128 players, the main doubles draws have 64 pairs, and the mixed doubles draw has 32 pairs. 

Of course, you can view the full draw for any event on the main Australian Open website. But since you’re here, and with the key information outlined above, I figured it’s time we looked at, and discussed the top Australian Open seeds for the singles draws right now.

ATP Australian Open seeds 2024 – top contenders

As you’ve just discovered above, there are 32 seeds for the men’s and women’s singles draws at the 2024 Australian Open. However, in the interest of keeping things as relevant as possible, I won’t be discussing each seed in detail. Instead, I will outline and discuss the top five seeds, as these are the individuals with the greatest chances of winning the tournament – on paper.

2024 Australian Open seeds
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On that note, let’s begin with the men’s Australian Open seeds for 2024:

Novak Djokovic – Seed 1

Of course, it’s the 24-time Grand Slam champion who is seeded number one at the Australian Open this year. Amazingly, Djokovic is chasing his 11th Australian Open title. But with that in mind, while yes, he is the man to beat, a few concerns have been raised about Novak Djokovic’s injury

For that reason, fans will be keeping a close eye on his first few matches in Melbourne.

Carlos Alcaraz – Seed 2

After missing the 2023 Australian Open through injury, the mighty Alcaraz is back in Melbourne for the first time since 2022. And as the number 2 seed, he is expected to go far. As for his draw, he faces the veteran Richard Gasquet in the first round.

Daniil Medvedev – Seed 3

Medvedev has made the final on two separate occasions in Melbourne, yet the title has escaped him so far. Nevertheless, he is one of the most dangerous of all the Australian Open seeds at number 3. Yet, he is in the same half as Carlos Alcaraz, which could result in a blockbuster semi-final clash.

Jannik Sinner – Seed 4

As you may have guessed, since Medvedev is in the bottom half of the draw, this means that Sinner is in the top half. This heavy-hitting Italian is in the same half as Novak Djokovic, and he will have his sights set on securing that semi-final match-up.

Andrey Rublev – Seed 5

Coming in as number 5 on the men’s Australian Open seeds list, we have Andrey Rublev. As the draw confirms, Rublev is also in the top half. Or more specifically, he is in the same quarter as Jannik Sinner, which is a tasty match to look out for, to say the least!

WTA Australian Open seeds 2024 – title favourites

Now that the top five seeds have been outlined and discussed for the men’s Australian Open, let’s turn our attention to the women’s event. Once again, I will stick with the top five Australian Open seeds as the focus to keep things relevant. 

Australian Open seeds 2024
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So without further ado, let me reveal the five top seeds for the WTA Australian Open:

Iga Swiatek – Seed 1

Much like the ATP Australian Open event, it’s the world number one who comes in as the top seed for 2024. Following a flawless succession of matches in the United Cup, it seems as though Swiatek truly means business down under. And because of her position as the number 1 seed, she is at the very top of the draw.

She’s also my number-one pick when it comes to 2024 Australian Open predictions for who can win the tournament. However, she has a tricky couple of rounds ahead of her to start the tournament, with Kenin as her first-round opponent, followed by either Collins or Kerber.

Aryna Sabalenka – Seed 2

It was the 2023 Australian Open when Sabalenka moved into the category of Grand Slam champions. As you might recall, she took out Rybakina to win the event 12 months ago, and she is the number 2 seed this year. This puts her at the very bottom of the draw, and to be honest, she has a much easier run of things (on paper) in the early stages compared to Iga Swiatek.

Elena Rybakina – Seed 3

Coming in as number 3 this year for the Australian Open seeds is Elena Rybakina. This player packs a serious punch on quick hard courts, hence her run to the final of the Australian Open in 2023. She’s been put in the top half of the draw too, setting up a potential clash with Iga Swiatek in the semi-finals.

Coco Gauff – Seed 4

Of all the 2024 Australian Open seeds, it’s Coco Gauff who is the most recent Grand Slam champion. Of course, she won the 2023 US Open – her first Grand Slam title. She’s started the 2024 season with a bang too, capturing her first title of the season just last week. So for me, Coco Gauff is one to watch in Melbourne, and I say this for both the singles and doubles events.

Jessica Pegula – Seed 5

The last of the Australian Open seeds concerning the top 5 is Jessica Pegula, another immensely talented American with a desire to win these major titles. To be honest, I thought that Pegula could take the title last year given the way that she was playing. However, it wasn’t meant to be, and she fell at the quarter-final stage for the third successive year.

Because of that, Pegula will no doubt be hungry to do better at the 2024 Australian Open, yet she is in the same half as Iga Swiatek – the top half.

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