2024 Australian Open schedule, draw, and order of play

2024 Australian Open schedule, draw, and order of play
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The Australian Open schedule is now available for the 2024 event, at least in its overall form. For those who are tracking the action closely, you may know that the Australian Open qualifying event is in action already. Games are taking place to see who makes the main draw from January 8th through to January 11th.

Yet when it comes to the Australian Open schedule for the main draw, things aren’t set to kick off until Sunday, January 14th. This is actually a first for the Australian Open, as the tournament would typically begin on a Monday. However, this has been changed for the 2024 edition of the event, which will be the only time in the event’s history that a Sunday start has materialised. 

Of course, the tournament will progress from January 14th onwards, and my objective today is to make you aware of the full Australian Open schedule for 2024. This means that I’ll be covering individual days of play, when each of the respective events will kick off, while also discussing how each individual event is scheduled to progress.

Additionally, I will quickly recap the general overview of the draw, just to confirm some key details that some of you may not be familiar with.

All of this is to come, so let me now get the ball rolling.

Australian Open schedule 2024 – overview of event dates

As mentioned above, technically speaking, the 2024 Australian Open schedule has already commenced. That’s because the first round of qualifying matches started on January 8th, which marks the unofficial beginning of the tournament. I say ‘unofficial’ because many regard the start of the event as the date for which the main draw begins, which is January 14th.

With that said, you can already access Australian Open live streaming services from January 8th onwards. Therefore, the tennis is already available for you to tune in to and enjoy. As for the main draw dates, Sunday, January 14th, is set to be the beginning of the main draw. 

This is the date that both the men’s and women’s singles matches will start for the main draw. And this year, the Australian Open schedule shows three full days of round-one matches, so the first few days will be action-packed. 

From here, the schedule will proceed as usual until it reaches its conclusion on Sunday, January 28th. So as you can see, the main draw of the Australian Open will take place over the course of 15 total days this year, which is a first.

Individual Australian Open schedule dates – each day of the tournament in detail

To be more specific about the schedule for the 2024 Australian Open, I’d like to break down the 15 days of the tournament further. For that reason, I have highlighted each individual day of the Australian Open schedule below, while specifying events and rounds that relate to each day. 

In doing so, you can refer to this snapshot at any time to remind yourself of how the schedule will progress:

  • Sunday, January 14th – First rounds
  • Monday, January 15th – First rounds
  • Tuesday, January 16th – First rounds
  • Wednesday, January 17th – Second rounds
  • Thursday, January 18th – Second rounds
  • Friday, January 19th – Third rounds
  • Saturday, January 20th – Third rounds
  • Sunday, January 21st – Fourth rounds
  • Monday, January 22nd – Fourth rounds
  • Tuesday, January 23rd – Quarter-finals
  • Wednesday, January 24th – Quarter-finals
  • Thursday, January 25th – Women’s singles semi-finals
  • Friday, January 26th – Men’s singles semi-finals
  • Saturday, January 27th – Women’s singles & men’s doubles final
  • Sunday, January 28th – Men’s singles & women’s doubles final

Note that the day-by-day schedule above relates specifically to the singles and doubles events. However, you should know that mixed doubles will begin on January 18th, and the junior events will begin on January 20th. 

2024 Australian Open schedule – key information to take note of

As promised, I will now cover some key details pertaining to the tournament as a whole. This way, the full rundown of the Australian Open schedule for 2024 will start to make more sense, so let me get into the specifics.

Australian Open events

Like all of the Grand Slams held for the ATP and WTA Tour, the Australian Open is set to host a range of individual events.

2024 Australian Open schedule
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For 2024, these main events consist of the men’s and women’s singles, men’s and women’s doubles, mixed doubles, wheelchair events, as well as the junior events too (singles and doubles). And right now, the 2024 Australian Open betting odds are available for each of the major events scheduled.

Australian Open draw

First and foremost, you may be curious as to when the draw is being done for 2024. So to address that question, I can confirm that the draw will be held on Thursday, January 11th. This is the same day that the qualifying matches will be concluded, which makes sense. 

As for other details of the draw, the singles draws will have 128 individuals competing for the title, of which there will be 32 seeded players. The same number of players will be involved in the doubles draws, only these will have 64 pairs and 16 seeds. Additionally, the mixed doubles draw will have just 32 pairs, of which 8 will be seeded. 

Daily start times

A key part of understanding the Australian Open schedule is to recognise that there is a major time difference between the UK and Melbourne – 11 hours, to be precise. And since matches will start on the outdoor courts at 11:00 local time each day, this means that play will start at 00:00 in the UK. As for the show courts, play will start at 12:00 each day, which is 01:00 in the UK.

Keep in mind that the 2024 Australian Open will be split into day and night sessions too. On that note, night sessions won’t start until 19:00 local time, which is 08:00 in the UK. 

Order of play

Throughout the 15-day event, the order of play will be released the day before the scheduled matches. For example, the order of play for Wednesday, January 17th, will be released on Tuesday, January 16th. You may just find that many players who feature in my Australian Open predictions will be involved in the order of play deep into the tournament too!

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