2023 Masters Golf Prize Money – How Much Will the Winner Take Home?

The 2023 renewal of the Masters Tournament is now upon us. There’s just one day to go until one of the best tournaments of the year gets underway.

When it comes to top-level golf, it doesn’t get much bigger than the first major of the season, which will take place at the regular venue of Augusta National Golf Course in Georgia.

The Masters is a unique tournament. It is unique because of the green jacket that is awarded to the winner, and it also unique because it is the only one of golf’s four majors to be played at the same venue annually. Year after year, the best golfers on the planet descend on Augusta National in the Peach State.

It’s also a tournament that is worth an awful lot of prize money, and not just to the winner, who last year pocketed a sum that to most people is nothing short of eye-watering.

Masters Golf Prize Money

As we can see from the above figure, the Masters Tournament is worth an awful lot of money to the winner. We’re talking the sort of cash that you could quite easily retire on.

The overall prize purse in 2022 was a staggering $15,000,000. It may seem somewhat ridiculous that such sums are on offer at a golf tournament, but such is the world of modern sport. Things aren’t likely to change any time soon either. If anything, the prize money is likely to keep going up and up.

Interestingly, the prize money has rocketed just in recent years. In 2021, the overall prize pot was $11,500,000. Last year, the winning share of the prize money increased by more than $600,000.

The official prize money for the Masters isn’t announced until after the competition gets underway, so we have to wait a few more days to find out exactly how much each player eligible for prize money will receive.

How much money will the winner get?

In 2022, Scottie Scheffler pocketed $2,700,000 after picking up his first green jacket, and the winner of the 2023 Master will take home just as much at the very least.

Masters Prize Money
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In 2021, the winner received $2,070,000. The same goes for the winner in both 2020 and 2019. In 2018, the Masters winner picked up $1,980,000.

What is the prize breakdown?

For finishing second, four-time major winner Rory McIlroy received just over $1.6 million, while the prize for finishing third stood at $1,020,000. Even those failing to reach the upper echelons of the scoreboard by Sunday afternoon still coined it in, with $405,000 being paid to tenth place, while the prize for 20th stood at $195,000. Even the golfer ranking 30th at the end of Round Four left Augusta with just over $100,000. Not bad for playing four rounds at one of the most eye-catching and prestigious golf courses in the world.

Does the Masters have the biggest prize pot in golf?

The Masters Tournament does carry the biggest prize pot out of the four majors, though oddly, it is not the biggest prize purse in golf, far from it.

The Players Championship, which takes place at the famous TPC Sawgrass, home to arguably the most recognisable Par-3 in golf, is the golf tournament with the largest purse, which earlier this year stood at £25, 000,000. Perhaps that is why the Players is often referred to as golf’s fifth major.

When will the full prize money be announced?

This year’s exact prize money remains unknown. We know that it will be similar last year’s purse of $15,000,000, with the winner due to collect 18% of the total pot.

On Saturday, the Masters purse will be officially announced. This will happen after Round Two is complete, and once the 36-hole cut has taken place. At this point, only half of the players who started the week will remain in the competition. From there on out, every player that finishes the tournament, will get a share of the prize money.

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