Marco Simone golf course layout – Ryder Cup 2023

Marco Simone golf course layout – Ryder Cup 2023
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Nestled merely 17 km from the heart of Rome, Marco Simone represents the culmination of the Biagiotti family’s ambitious vision — transforming over 150 hectares of Roman countryside into a distinguished golfing haven. This prestigious Golf & Country Club, initially brought to life by the illustrious architect Jim Fazio, has been meticulously rejuvenated under the watchful eyes of Tom Fazio II and European Golf Design, gearing up to grace the Ryder Cup in September 2023.

Over the years, Marco Simone has not only proudly played host to three editions of the DS AUTOMOBILES Italian Open but has also been a preferred venue for an array of distinguished professional and amateur tournaments, marking its footprint in the golfing world.

Best layout for golfing activities

Offering an unparalleled golfing experience, the course at Marco Simone is characterized by its expansive layout, enveloped around the historic Marco Simone Castle, providing golfers with a sense of unbounded freedom as they navigate through its multifarious challenges. With the availability of four starting tees for men and three for women, players are afforded the luxury of selecting the length most attuned to their game, ensuring a tailored and memorable golfing journey.

As the anticipations build for the Ryder Cup 2023, Marco Simone stands as a testament to architectural grandeur and golfing excellence, promising an event steeped in competition, tradition, and scenic beauty right at the outskirts of the eternal city of Rome.

Marco Simone golf course layout for Ryder Cup 2023

Marco Simone Golf Course Layout

So, let’s take a closer look at the layout of the Marco Simone golf course and how long is each of the holes:

  • Hole 1: 445 yards, par four
  • Hole 2: 506 yards, par four
  • Hole 3: 453 yards, par four
  • Hole 4: 188 yards, par three
  • Hole 5: 302 yards, par four
  • Hole 6: 381 yards, par four
  • Hole 7: 222 yards, par three
  • Hole 8: 525 yards, par four
  • Hole 9: 587 yards, par five
  • Hole 10: 453 yards, par four
  • Hole 11: 329 yards, par four
  • Hole 12: 546 yards, par five
  • Hole 13: 150 yards, par three
  • Hole 14: 509 yards, par four
  • Hole 15: 479 yards, par four
  • Hole 16: 303 yards, par four
  • Hole 17: 206 yards, par three
  • Hole 18: 597 yards, par five

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