BMW PGA Championship 2023 location – where is the tournament played?

BMW PGA Championship 2023 location – where is the tournament played?
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Let’s talk about the upcoming BMW PGA Championship 2023. It’s right around the corner, and you might be wondering where all the action is set to unfold. The tournament is scheduled from September 13-17, 2023, and the venue is none other than the Wentworth Club, located in Virginia Water, Surrey, England.

To give you a bit of history, the BMW PGA Championship is an annual men’s professional golf event on the European Tour. It dates back to 1955, originally introduced by the Professional Golfers’ Association. Back then, it bore the name ‘British PGA Championship’.

Mark your calendar for BMW PGA Championship 2023

As you look forward to watching your favorite golfers, here’s a handy breakdown of the events:

  • Tuesday, September 12: The players will practice from 07:00-17:00. Now, there’s a chance the course might be closed to the public during this time. The committee hasn’t confirmed yet.
  • Wednesday, September 13: The gates will welcome you from 07:00 onwards. The Celebrity Pro-Am kicks off at 08:00.
  • Thursday, September 14: You can enter from 06:40, with Round 1 starting promptly at 07:00.
  • Friday, September 15: Once again, gates open at 06:40. Round 2 will commence at 07:00.
  • Saturday, September 16: Enter from 06:40 to catch Round 3 at 07:00. Stick around, as there’s a TBC concert afterward. The exact time is yet to be announced.
  • Sunday, September 17: The final day has gates opening at 07:00, and the Final Round starts at 07:20. The day wraps up with a trophy presentation and another TBC concert. We’re waiting on the exact time for this one, too.

Spotlight on Wentworth Club

The prestigious Wentworth Club, situated in the scenic Virginia Water, has quite a history. It opened its doors in 1922 and underwent an ownership change in 2014, becoming a property of Beijing’s Reignwood Group. The new owners ushered in changes to the course and introduced a debenture-based membership system. These debentures started at £100,000 and have since appreciated to around £200,000.

The committee will reveal the tee times and groups on September 11. So, keep an eye out for that.

A closer look at the Course

The Wentworth Club, where our championship takes place, has been a cornerstone since 1955. This club has not one, not two, but three full-scale, 18-hole courses. The most famous of the trio is the West Course, crafted by Harry Colt in 1926. Then there’s the historic East Course from 1924 and the newer Edinburgh Course.

Interestingly, the BMW PGA Championship was a May event, coinciding with the UK’s Spring Bank Holiday. However, the calendar shifted in 2019, moving this championship to September.

So, if you’re planning to catch the BMW PGA Championship 2023, now you know where all the excitement is set to happen. Whether you’re attending in person or watching from afar, it promises to be an event to remember.

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