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Frankie Dettori Rides at Royal Ascot 2023 – Great Performances Despite Early Struggles

Frankie Dettori Rides at Royal Ascot 2023 – Great Performances Despite Early Struggles

A curtain of melancholy shrouded the 2023 Royal Ascot as the indomitable and charismatic jockey Frankie Dettori, affectionately dubbed “Mr. Ascot,” is facing his last year at the prestigious event. As he embarked upon the first day of this prestigious meeting, he hoped to create an enduring legacy, backed by a robust roster of equine competitors.

However, destiny had other plans, as a nine-day ban for careless riding now looms over him. That being said, the ban can be appealed and it doesn’t come into effect until next month even if sustained, so Dettori still got his chance to ride at Royal Ascot’s other races and get a big win that he was hoping for as he prepares for his official retirement after the Breeders Cup in November.

Frankie Dettori Rides at Royal Ascot 2023

Frankie Dettori, after winning his ninth Gold Cup and tallying a total of 79 victories at Royal Ascot, is preparing to ride for the last time. His victory on Courage Mon Ami at Gold Cup during the third day, marked his last significant triumph – although the legend is not done yet.

The famous jockey has shown a touch of vulnerability ahead of his final day at Royal Ascot that’s yet to come, candidly admitting, “The last day will hit me hard. My wife and kids will be there. For sure I will cry.” Yet he also promises the last days be filled with enthusiastic gestures, potentially featuring some of his trademark ‘flying dismounts.’

Ascot 2023: Dettori’s Performance

We’ve diligently kept a record of Dettori’s final week at Ascot given this will be his last appearance here as he’s nearing retirement. With two wins, three second-place finishes, and two third-place results, Dettori’s performance has been stellar.

His run on the horse Givemethebeatboys in the Coventry Stakes concluded with a fourth-place finish, just behind the winner River Tiber. His ride on Chaldean in the St James’s Stand Stakes resulted in a close second place, behind Triple Time.

Complete List of Frankie Dettori Rides at Royal Ascot

We’ve covered some of the results from Dettori at this year’s Royal Ascot, but let’s take a look at the complete list of his rides now:

Queen Anne Stakes (Inspiral) – Result: 2nd place

Coventry Stakes (Givemethebeatboys) – Result: 4th place

St James’s Stand Stakes (Chaldean) – Result: 2nd place

Wolferton Stakes (Saga) – Result: 5th place

Copper Horse Handicap (Absurde) – Result: 2nd place

Kensington Palace Fillies Handicap (Tamarama) – Result: 19th place

Duke of Cambridge Stakes (Prosperous Voyage) – Result: 3rd place

Royal Hunt Cup (Reach For The Moon) – Result: 27th place

Queen’s Vase (Gregory) – Result: 1st place

Norfolk Stakes (No Nay Mets) – Result: 9th place

King George V Stakes (Burglar) – Result: 9th place

Ribblesdale Stakes (Bluestocking) – Result: 3rd place

Gold Cup (Courage Mon Ami) – Result: 1st place

Britannia Stakes (Quantum Impact) – Result: 13th place

Hampton Court Stakes (Epictetus) – Result: 13th place

Buckingham Palace Stakes (Unforgotten) – Result: 26th place

Upcoming Frankie Dettori Rides at Royal Ascot 2023:

  • Albany (Porta Fortuna)
  • Commonwealth Cup (Lezoo)
  • Sandringham Stakes (Coppice)
  • King Edward VII Stakes (Arrest)
  • Jersey Stakes (Covey)
  • Queen Elizabeth II Jubilee Stakes (Kinross)
  • Hardwicke Stakes (Free Wind)
  • Wokingham Stakes (Mums Tipple)
  • Golden Gates Stakes (Knockbrex or Ziryab)

Careless Riding and Its Consequences

The ban arose during Dettori’s ride on Saga, the King’s steed, prompting Australian jockey James McDonald to swiftly redirect his mount. In his quest for the perfect slot on the inside rail in the Wolferton Stakes, Dettori inadvertently sketched out an unceremonious exit, leaving Saga without a placement.

Frankie Dettori - Frankie Dettori's Ascot farewell ends with ban on King's horse

Emerging Stars: Doyle’s Impressive Showcase

For over 35 years, Dettori has been a beacon of success and inspiration in the racing world. His absence will undoubtedly cast a long shadow. Yet, the 2023 Royal Ascot also provided a platform for rising talents like the effervescent Hollie Doyle to display their potential, offering a tantalizing glimpse into the post-Dettori era.

Doyle seized this opportunity and made an indelible mark by becoming the most successful female jockey at the meeting, a title she previously shared with Hayley Turner. She demonstrated exceptional acumen and composure, expertly guiding the unruly Bradsell to a triumphant finish in the King’s Stand Stakes, marking her fourth Royal win. This victory came despite a steward’s inquiry concerning Bradsell’s erratic behavior during the race.

Near Upset in the Coventry Stakes

Her trainer, Archie Watson, nearly orchestrated an upset when his longshot Army Ethos, at 20-1, posed a significant challenge to Aidan O’Brien’s favored River Tiber in the Coventry Stakes.

Dettori’s closest brush with victory came during the Queen Anne Stakes, when the filly Inspiral momentarily surged ahead in the final furlong. Regrettably, her fleeting lead was overtaken by Kevin Ryan’s underdog, Temple Time, who triumphed by a mere neck.

These events underscore the intrinsic unpredictability of horse racing and the dynamic, ever-evolving landscape of the sport. As Dettori’s career concludes on an unexpected note, new talents like Doyle emerge, ready to carve their niche in the racing world.

The Promise of the New Generation

Her exceptional performances at this year’s Ascot, combined with the inherent unpredictability of the sport, underscore an exciting, potential-laden future for horse racing.

As we chart the course of the post-Dettori era with the legendary jockey scheduled for retirement after the Breeders Cup, his legacy will continue to serve as a beacon of inspiration, encouraging a new generation of jockeys to reach for the stars and secure their place in the limelight.

Undeniably, Dettori’s imminent departure leaves an emotional vacuum in the racing world. However, his legacy at Royal Ascot will endure as an inspiring testament to his passion and skill.

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