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Shoving incident for Stroll in the Aston Martin garage

Lance Stroll in the Aston Martin garage before qualifying
Photo by XPB / Icon Sport

Lance Stroll has caused a stir among Formula 1 fans, after he was seen shoving his personal trainer after his elimination in Q1.

The shoving incident for Stroll

Lance Stroll is on a poor run of form lately, as he hasn’t scored in the past four race weekends, including the Singapore Grand Prix, where he withdrew from the race after a big accident during the final moments of the first segment of qualifying.

Today, the qualifying session for the Qatar Grand Prix culminated in a fourth consecutive Q1 elimination for the Canadian driver, whose final flying lap was not fast enough to get him into the top fifteen spots. He will start Sunday’s race from seventeenth on the grid.

He returned to the garage, as is customary, and started heading to the back of the garage. There, he was met by his personal trainer, who seemingly pointed to him to exit from the front of the garage, in order to get weighed by the FIA, as is mandatory. Stroll ignored him, despite his trainer further trying to get his attention.

As the pair started walking together towards the back of the garage, the Aston Martin driver seemed to shove his trainer behind a door. Here is a video of the incident in question:

Stroll’s interview after qualifying

The shoving incident was not the only way Stroll attracted attention today, as he also gave a very questionable interview with Sky Sports. That interview came minutes after he exited the car and the Aston Martin driver looked to be in no mood to answer any of the questions that were put to him:

Reporter: We saw frustration from you on the TV screens, this obviously means so much to you. What are your emotions right now?

Stroll: Shit.

Reporter: Okay. Sorry for the language there. What is not clicking for you behind the wheel at the moment?

Stroll: I don’t know.

Reporter: And how does this change your mindset for the weekend in particular? Is it now a test session? Are you going to go for it in the sprint?

Stroll: Keep driving.

What happened in the garage, as well as subsequently in the interview, have attracted a lot of attention and negative comments regarding the Canadian. For the time being, neither the driver or the team -which is owned by Stroll’s father- have made any comments regarding the incidents.

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