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Is Lewis Hamilton Dating Shakira? – Rumours Intensify as Pop Star Arrives In London

With hours left before the start of the British GP at Silverstone, Shakira reportedly arrived in London and that fueled the latest rumours about her romantic relationship with the seven-time F1 champion Lewis Hamilton.

Shakira and Lewis Hamilton Dating

Is there any truth to these rumours? How did they even start? Keep reading to find out more about the alleged relationship between Shakira and Lewis Hamilton.

The Rumours of Shakira and Hamilton Dating Started After Miami GP

While we are still waiting for the famous pop star or the former F1 champion to confirm or explain the nature of their relationship, the gossip around Shakir and Lewis Hamilton dating doesn’t seem to stop.

The first we heard about the potential romance between the two celebrities was after Miami GP. Shakira was in attendance for that race and many speculated that she was there to support Hamilton. This claim was later intensified by the fact that Shakira and Hamilton were seen taking a boat ride together.

Of course, taking a boat ride together doesn’t mean much, but that definitely fueled the rumours, which were further heated when Shakira attended the Spanish GP a month after Miami. Reportedly, the two were seen having dinner together in Barcelona, although we don’t really have any confirmation about that.

Is Shakira In London for the Race?

As we mentioned already, Shakira arrived in London just in time for the British GP at Silverstone, which is scheduled for today.

Is that just a coincidence or is Shakira planning on watching the race? We don’t know yet, but we will learn about it soon enough. In any case, attending the British GP will certainly put more fuel on the fire and we expect to see more people being convinced of the relationship between the pop star and Formula One driver.

Is There Any Truth To the Rumours?

Like we said, we don’t really know. Neither of the two commented on the alleged relationship and for now, we only have unnamed and unconfirmed sources that claim that the two are together, keeping things “fun and flirty”.

One thing is for certain though – it would make sense if we judge the gossip by the previous relationships. After all, Shakira was with another sports figure for a long time since she was married to footballer Gerard Pique, with whom she has two children, until the couple divorced earlier this year.

Shakira Gerard Pique
Photo by Iconsport

Meanwhile, Lewis Hamilton was in a long-term relationship with another popular singer, Nicole Scherzinger, who was often seen giving him support at races. Sounds familiar?

Lewis Hamilton Nicole Scherzinger
Photo by Iconsport

Of course, all of this remains just speculation until we hear from Shakira or Lewis Hamilton. But where there’s smoke there’s fire, as the old adage goes.

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