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F1 US Betting and Odds for Today’s Race

The United States GP is just around the corner, and will be taking place this weekend! It will be starting on October 23 on the 5.513-kilometer ‘Circuit of Americas’ track in Austin, Texas. This track held its first Grand Prix back in 2012, and Charles Leclerc set the lap record in 2019 at 1:36:169.

US Grand Prix

F1 US Betting Odds: what do they look like for today’s race?

Red Bull is going to be hoping for another great weekend to secure the Constructors’ Championship win. This seems hopeful, given that Verstappen has already won the Drivers’ Championship after a dramatic race last weekend in Japan. Red Bull now boasts a two-time World Champion. Looking at last year’s events, the Constructors’ Championship does seem to be in favour of the team. In 2021, Red Bull’s Max Verstappen battled it out with Mercedes’ Lewis Hamilton and ended up winning the race for Red Bull. 

Mercedes have been dominating the Constructors’ World Championship since 2014, so Red Bull has a great shot at breaking that streak!

F1 Betting Odds

US Grand Prix 

F1 US Betting Odds – winner

After Max Verstappen’s spectacular performance in the Japanese GP, he’s most likely to win the US Grand Prix too. And the F1 US odds show this as well, as Verstappen is the bookmakers’ favourite to win this weekend. 

Max Verstappen: 2/5

Lewis Hamilton: 7/1

Charles Leclerc: 12/1

Sergio Perez: 7/1

F1 US Betting Odds – winning team

Red Bull has been dominating this season, and they’re most likely going to win the 2022 F1 Constructors championship. This is great news for the team, as they haven’t won since 2013.

Red Bull: 2/9

Mercedes: 9/2

Ferrari: 9/2

McLaren: 125/1

F1 US Betting Odds – fastest qualifier

The qualifiers can truly make or break a race for drivers. The qualifying races determine the grid positions that drivers will start a race in. By having the fastest qualifier, drivers are primed to start the official Grand Prix race in P1. And given that every millisecond counts on the track, this can have a huge impact on the outcome of the race.

Max Verstappen: 1/1

Charles Leclerc: 9/4

Carlos Sainz: 11/2

Sergio Perez: 10/1

Lewis Hamilton: 10/1

George Russell: 12/1

F1 US Betting Odds – fastest lap

The winner of the fastest lap award receives a 1-point bonus, however they must finish in the Top 10 to receive this. For example, in the most recent GP in Japan, Zhou Gunayu won the fastest lap. But he didn’t receive a bonus point, as he finished P16.

Max Verstappen: 6/5

Charles Leclerc: 9/4

Sergio Perez: 11/2

Carlos Sainz: 8/1

Lewis Hamilton: 8/1

Who has won the highest number of fastest laps this season?  

Max Verstappen – 5

Charles Leclerc and Sergio Perez – 3 each

Lewis Hamilton and Carlos Sainz – 2 each

Lando Norris, George Russell and Zhou Gunayu – 1 each

Constructors’ Championship 

F1 Betting Odds: Red Bull 

It’s very likely that Red Bull will win the Constructors’ Championship. They will be hoping for the first Constructors’ Championship win since 2013. Betting odds are at 1 / 66

F1 Betting Odds: Ferrari 

Ferrari haven’t even been considered a contender in over 3 years, so it’s exciting to see their re-emergence as they take the podium. It’s still unlikely that Ferrari will match the Red Bull power pair, hence the betting odds of 25 / 1

F1 Betting Odds: Mercedes 

Mercedes set themselves a huge standard, having won the Constructors’ Championship 8 years in a row. This year, however, it’s not looking great for them. It’s unlikely that Mercedes will win, hence the odds of 25 / 1.

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