Ashes 5th Test 2023 Weather – Will rain have the final say at the Oval?

The current topic of conversation in cricket undoubtedly revolves around unpredictable weather conditions, as the untimely arrival of rain in Manchester thwarted England’s attempt to even the series at a score of 2-2. This unfortunate occurrence resulted in the match getting tied; the series currently stands at a scoreline of 2-1 in favor of England.

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All eyes are now fixed upon The Oval, where the grand finale of the Test series commences on Thursday, the 27th of July. With their unwavering determination, the home team still possesses the power to thwart Australia’s quest for their first series victory on English soil since 2001. It is time to dive deep into the expected weather conditions of the match.

Weather Forecast: England’s Hope of Series Draw Faces Uncertainty 

As per, rain shall once again make its presence known, potentially leading to disruptions during the fifth Test. On the opening day, we face a 70% likelihood of rainfall until the clock strikes 5 pm.

Since there will be a light breeze, one can hope the rain clouds will move fast enough to let enough play happen on Thursday.

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Days two, three, and four hold a glimmer of hope, albeit with the potential for precipitation lingering throughout. According to, Friday (or as we call it, day two) shall be graced with a gentle cover of clouds and a moderate breeze. As for the possibility of precipitation, it hovers at a modest 30% or less, ensuring a relatively dry affair throughout the day.

Saturday’s forecast brings a heightened probability of precipitation, reaching up to a respectable 39%. One may even encounter light rain showers in the afternoon as the day progresses. Day four on Sunday is expected to follow a similar pattern, with a modest chance of afternoon showers following a mostly cloudless morning.

The likelihood of precipitation increases on day five. According to the official forecast as of Monday, July 24th, there is a chance of moderate drizzle.

Pitch Report and the Weather’s Influence on the Starting XI

The Oval Pitch Favors the Batsmen

The Oval is often regarded as having one of the best batting surfaces in England. Since 2013, the average score in the first inning at the stadium has been 320.6. In the most recent title game of the World Test Championship, Australia scored 469 against India. Sixty percent of matches played here in the last decade were won by the team batting first. Therefore, choosing to bat first should be a no-brainer for the toss-winning team.

Starting XI Selection Priorities

The formidable presence of overcast weather conditions shall highly influence the 5th test of Ashes 2023. Therefore, utilizing the expertise of a specialist spinner to bowl last is an advantageous move that could secure victory in this specific scenario.


The upcoming 5th Ashes Test in 2023 shall undoubtedly hold immense significance for the esteemed Cricketers of England. Not only do they find themselves with the risk of series loss, but they also have an added drive to thwart Australia’s pursuit of an Ashes victory, a feat that has eluded them for over two decades. Given these circumstances, getting a draw or losing is no longer viable for the British. Indeed, since the tragedy regarding the rain in Manchester, one can expect the passionate fans to wholeheartedly rally behind England in their quest for triumph in the forthcoming final encounter.

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