Australian athletes at World Athletics Championship 2023: Kelsey-Lee Barber the best hope for Aussies

The World Athletics Championship 2023 is set to launch in Budapest on August 19 with athletes from 200 countries. Australia is sending their best 67 athletes to participate in the events that kick off with the men’s 20 kilometres race walk.

Team Australia placed 6th overall in 2022’s championships in Oregon with 2 gold medals and 1 bronze- 3 medals in total. This year the team lineup includes Eleanor Patterson(High Jump), Kelsey-Lee Barber(Javelin Throw) and Nina Kennedy(Pole vault), who lit up last year’s event.

Australia’s history at the World Athletics Championship

Australian athletes at World Athletics Championship 2023: What to Expect and Where to Watch Photo By Icon Sport[/caption]

Australia has participated at the WCH every year since its inauguration in 1983. They had their first gold medal in 1983 in the men’s marathon. Since then, team Australia has tallied up a total of 39 medals at the WCH.*

Australia has a total of 10 medals in jumping, 8 in throwing, and 6 in hurdling and race walking events. With 14 gold medals, 14 silver and 11 bronze medals, Australia ranks 15th for the most medals won in the world athletics championship.

The number of medals was accurate at the time of writing.

How are team Australia’s chances at this year’s Championship?

How will team Australia perform at the WCH this year? Looking at the athletics lineup and Australia’s history at the sport events, the team’s best chances might be in women’s javelin throw, men’s pole vault and men’s high jump.

Kelsey-Lee Barber won two gold medals for Australia in women’s javelin throw in 2019 and 2022 at the championships. This year’s women’s javelin throw team consists of Kelsey-Lee Barber, Mackenzie Little and Kathryn Mitchel.Australian athletes at World Athletics Championship 2023 Lausanne Switzerland, 06/30/2023: Kelsey-Lee BARBER of Australia (Javelin Women) is in action during Athletiisima Lausanne – Diamomd League 2023. Athletiisima Lausanne – Diamomd League 2023 in Lausanne 2023, took place in Lausanne, the Olympic capital on June 30, 2023. (Photo by: Eric Dubost/Sipa USA) – Photo by Icon sport

Matthew Denny was quite disappointed that Australia had placed 6th at last year’s finals.

Excuse the French but last year pissed me off. I should have thrown further than what I did” Denny told SBS Sport. He’s returning this year so there might be more to expect from the discus throw event as well.

This year’s 800m runners includes Peter Bol, who finished 4th at the Tokyo Olympics and 2nd at the Commonwealth games in 2022. This year’s trio of runners are expected to bring new spirit to the track.

Team Australia at World Athletics Championship

The following players made the list of Aussies representing their country at the World Athletics Championship.

Men (30)

  • 100m: Rohan Browning, Jake Doran
  • 200m: Aidan Murphy
  • 800m: Peter Bol, Joseph Deng, Riley McGown
  • 1500m: Stewart McSweyn, Adam Spencer, Matthew Ramsden
  • 5000m: McSweyn, Morgan McDonald
  • 110m Hurdles: Jacob McCorry, Nicholas Andrews
  • 3000m Steeplechase: Matthew Clarke
  • High Jump: Joel Baden, Brandon Starc
  • Pole Vault: Kurtis Marschall
  • Long Jump: Chris Mitrevski, Darcy Roper, Liam Adcock, Henry Frayne
  • Triple Jump: Julian Konle, Aiden Hinson
  • Discus Throw: Matthew Denny
  • Javelin Throw: Cameron McEntyre
  • Decathlon: Ash Moloney, Cedric Dubler, Daniel Golubovic
  • 20km Race Walk: Declan Tingay, Kyle Swan, Rhydian Cowley
  • 35km Race Walk: Rhydian Cowley

Women (37)

  • 100m: Bree Masters, Torrie Lewis
  • 200m: Ella Connolly
  • 800m: Catriona Bisset, Abbey Caldwell, Ellie Sanford
  • 1500m: Jessica Hull, Linden Hall, Caldwell
  • 5000m: Hull, Rose Davies, Lauren Ryan
  • Marathon: Lisa Weightman, Isobel Batt-Doyle, Sarah Klein
  • 100m Hurdles: Michelle Jenneke, Celeste Mucci, Hannah Jones
  • 400m Hurdles: Sarah Carli
  • 3000m Steeplechase: Amy Cashin, Cara Feain-Ryan, Brielle Erbacher
  • 4x100m Relay: Masters, Lewis, Connolly, Mucci, Kristie Edwards, Ebony Lane
  • High Jump: Nicola Olyslagers, Eleanor Patterson, Erin Shaw
  • Pole Vault: Nina Kennedy
  • Long Jump: Brooke Buschkuehl, Samantha Dale
  • Discus Throw: Taryn Gollshewsky
  • Hammer Throw: Stephanie Ratcliffe
  • Javelin Throw: Kelsey-Lee Barber, Mackenzie Little, Kathryn Mitchell
  • 20km Race Walk: Jemima Montag, Rebecca Henderson, Simon Baker, Olivia Sandery
  • 35km Race Walk: Henderson, Allanah Pitcher

The list of athletes is accurate at the time of writing.

Where to watch the World Athletics Championship in Australia?

The first event at WCH is a 20Km race walk which starts at 2:50 am EST on the 19th. The whole event will be broadcast live on SBS VICELAND and SBS On Demand along with replays.

Final word

The Australian team believes this might be one of the strongest lineups they’ve had in recent years. It remains to be seen how well each individual performs for their country and team.

What is certain though, is that all the events will be packed with energy and shared moxy with all the renowned and experienced athletes present. Team Australia’s performance will be one to anticipate in this year’s athletics championship.

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