Rugby World Cup 2023 tickets – how and where to buy them?

With the biggest festival in the sport underway, every rugby fan in the world wants to get their hands on Rugby World Cup tickets! Going along to watch your local club side can be a labour of love and one which becomes a habit over the years but the opportunity to go and watch two of the 20 sides taking part in the 2023 Rugby World Cup is a dream come true for most rugby fanatics.

But with these tickets in demand, finding tickets for specific games to watch your favourite team against another top world class side can be difficult. We take you through where and how you can buy rugby World Cup tickets in this article.

Official sources

If you are buying a rugby World Cup ticket then then best place to start is on the official 2023 rugby World Cup website. From here, there is a dedicated section which deals exclusively with tickets so, after creating an account, you can scroll through the available game and available seats. There are still rugby world cup tickets available!

Rugby World Cup Ticket
General view before the Six Nations match between France and Scotland at Stade de France on February 26, 2023 in Paris, France. (Photo by Sandra Ruhaut/Icon Sport)

Follow your team in the knockouts

If your team goes all the way to the final then you want to be that person decades down the line who can pop up and say “I was there!”. But to get a ticket for the semi-final you need to also show plenty of faith in your team that they will get there as well. Some particularly wealthy fans will have bought up tickets for each and every route from the pool stages through to the final to ensure that if their team are still in the tournament that they can watch every minute in person. However, your team could always be knocked out so there is always the chance that instead of watching your team progress to the next stage, you end up watching the side who defeated your heroes and have to stomach 80 minutes of them winning again.

Rugby World Cup Tickets
Fans South Africa prior the Rugby World Cup match between South Africa and Scotland at Orange Velodrome on September 10, 2023 in Marseille, France. (Photo by Johnny Fidelin/Icon Sport)

Available tickets

You stand a much better chance at this stage, with the tournament already underway, of picking up tickets to see the lesser teams in action. Of course getting your hands on tickets to see the hosts France or the famous All-Blacks or the Rugby World Cup holders South Africa is very tough but finding seats to watch some of the underdogs will always be easier. Furthermore, the likes of Chile and Fiji have travelled from the other side of the planet for this tournament and do not have the same numbers of fans in France snapping up their tickets.

The buzz of having a rugby world cup ticket in your hand is still the same irrespective of which teams are going to be on show. The early round of games in France provided a huge amount of entertainment and controversies for viewers around the globe but as we all know, the best seat in the house is one where you can experience the atmosphere in person. The best place to be is with a rugby world cup ticket of your own in the stadium!

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