Owen Farrell’s wife: A tale of love and how it all began

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Summer Rugby International, England versus Fiji; Owen Farrell hi-fives fans as he arrives at Twickenham – Photo by Icon sport

Owen Farrell is a rugby player who has followed in the footsteps of his father, Andy, a former England center. He plays for the English club Saracens and the England national team. He is an incredibly prolific point scorer and one of the best in his position. His skill and determination have made him a star player, both for his club and for England as well. Owen has been captain of England since 2019, and he is known for his excellent game-management skills and goal-kicking ability. He began playing rugby as teenager and quickly made a name for himself.

Owen and Georgie ties the knot 

Owen and Georgie Farrell’s relationship became official through marriage in 2018, but their love for each other had developed over a long period of time before marriage. The couple have formed a deep connection over the years. Owen and Georgie’s wedding was a big event for the rugby world. Many of Owen’s teammates from the England team and his previous club, Wigan, came to celebrate the couple’s special day.

Meet Owen Farrell’s wife and biggest supporter

Owen Farrell’s wife, Georgie, is not just a wife in the traditional sense. She’s an equal partner to Owen, providing emotional support and helping him through the difficulties of his career. Their relationship is a team effort, with both partners working together to make it successful. They understand that being a part of the sporting world can be challenging, and they face those challenges as a team. Georgie has a successful career as an event planner, organising events for charities and corporations. Her work is a testament to her dedication and skill, and it’s clear that she’s made a name for herself in the industry.

Georgie’s meticulous planning and organisational skills have been crucial to her success as an event planner. Georgie has a sports background, and her love of fitness extends beyond just supporting Owen’s career – she actively engages in various activities like yoga, Pilates, and running. Georgie is a well-rounded person with diverse interests and passions. Georgie prefers to keep her life private. Even though Georgie isn’t active on social media and prefers to keep her life private, she still supports Owen wholeheartedly. She’s there for him at every game, cheering him on from the stands. 


Owen Farrell’s children

 Georgie and Owen have two boys, Tommy and Freddie, and a dog named Ron. Georgie’s priority is spending time with her family, taking care of her boys, and enjoying quality time with her pet, and she considers him family as well. 


Georgie and Owen’s children clearly play a central role in their lives. They both prioritise family and enjoy spending time with their boys. Owen Farrell’s children bring them happiness and fulfilment, and they take great pride in being parents. They want to be positive role models for their children and teach them valuable life lessons. They want to raise their children to be kind, responsible, and compassionate.


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