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Super Bowl Betting: Odds And Best Bets for Super Bowl LVII

The moment every single football fan from all corners of Earth had been waiting for is finally upon us. Super Bowl LVII has arrived, with the red-hot Philadelphia Eagles ready to take on Patrick Mahomes and the always-dangerous Kansas City Chiefs. That means Super Bowl 57 betting will be a topic of discussion throughout the whole week.

The game will take place at Glendale, Arizona, on February 12, 2023, at State Farm Stadium, home of the Arizona Cardinals. Curiously, whoever wins the game will finish the season with more wins at that stadium than their home team this year.

As you may know by now, this is perhaps the biggest sports event in the United States, with dozens of millions spent on advertising. It’s also the biggest night of the year for Las Vegas and sportsbooks, with millions of people picking sides and submitting their bets ahead of the big game. So, yeah, Super Bowl betting is quite a big deal.

That’s why it’ll be so crucial to know what to look out for when picking our sides and placing our wagers in this game. With that in mind, our team of experts will take an in-depth look at the odds, both teams’ current forms, and several FAQs about Super Bowl 57 betting and football.

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Super Bowl Betting And Everything There Is To Know

For starters, let’s take a look at the odds for this game. As of February 2nd, the Philadelphia Eagles are 1.5-point favorites over the Kansas City Chiefs in most books. They have -119 odds in the Moneyline, whereas the Chiefs have +110 odds to win straight-up. As for the game’s total, it’s currently projected at 50.5 combined points with -110 odds.

Unsurprisingly, there has been plenty of early money from both Super Bowl betting squares and professional bettors ahead of this game. Public money hasn’t fully arrived yet, but the public doesn’t usually influence the betting market with a strong-enough pull to create significant waves or line changes.

It’s worth noting that both the Over/Under total and point spread have gone through some minor moves since the opening lines, and that trend will continue to happen until shortly before kickoff, just like it’s been the case throughout the years.

Breaking Down The Odds: Super Bowl Betting Line

Even though the Kansas City Chiefs will get RB Clyde Edwards-Helaire, and CB L’Jarius Sneed back on the field, while WR Kadarius Toney won’t miss time due to an ankle injury, the market is still siding with the Philadelphia Eagles, with most sportsbooks offering them at either -1.5 points or -1. As of now, nearly 70% of Super Bowl betting tickets and more than 80% of the money is on the Eagle’s side.

If we talk about the game’s total, it’s worth noting that both professional and sharp bettors took the over at 50 and 50.5 points, prompting a major move across most sportsbooks to drive the total all the way to 51 points. As of now, over 52% of tickets and nearly 60% of the money is with the over, with that number likely to trend up as public bettors jump on board. That’s likely to prompt the number to go higher, with 52 and 52.5 as its potential ceiling.

Last but not least, most offshore sportsbooks offer the Philadelphia Eagles at -119 odds, but the biggest names in the industry have them at -125, with the odds oscillating between -117 and -120. Unsurprisingly, once again, most of the Super Bowl betting money is with the Eagles, including a $1 million wager placed at BetMGM.

A key to successful betting is keeping an eye on line movement and the early odds. In fact, the opening point spread for the favorite team has gone 11-3-1 in the past 15 Super Bowls, which could lead us all to think that the Philadelphia Eagles will take the Vince Lombardi trophy home this season.

Philadelphia Eagles Season

The Philadelphia Eagles had a nearly-perfect offseason. GM Howie Roseman put on a clinic, making big signings, hitting the trade market, and even thriving during NFL Draft day with the addition of superstar wideout A.J. Brown. Unlike what most people expected, they trusted Jalen Hurts and gave him the keys to their new-look offense, and it sure paid off.

The Eagles hit the ground running with eight straight wins before finally dropping their first game of the season. Hurts was one of the leading MVP candidates for most of the year, leading his team to big wins over contenders. Then, his shoulder injury and the fact that they had already clinched a postseason berth led them to lose two more games in the regular season, going 14-3 for the year.

The playoffs have been a walk in the park for Nick Sirianni’s team thus far. They clinched a first-round bye and found little trouble beating NFC East rival New York Giants in the NFC Divisional Game. Then, they routed the San Francisco 49ers in the NFC Championship Game to put an end to their 12-game winning streak.

The Eagles’ offense ranks third in total yards (404.3), third in points per game (28.1), and fourth in third-down completion percentage (45.9%). Their defense ranks fourth in total yards (330.4), first in passing yards (179.8), seventh in points allowed (20.1), and 14th in third-down completion percentage (38.6%)


Kansas City Chiefs Season

Analysts predicted a difficult season for the Kansas City Chiefs after Tyreek Hill’s departure. They claimed the NFL had already figured Patrick Mahomes out and that they wouldn’t be able to put up those same numbers with multiple defenders focusing on Travis Kelce. Needless to say, that couldn’t be further from the truth.

The Chiefs won their first two games of the season and only lost three games all year: to the Indianapolis Colts, Buffalo Bills, and Cincinnati Bengals. That means they went undefeated against the NFC, and they lost all those three games by a combined total of 10 points. Mahomes proved his critics wrong and is likely to win another MVP.

Andy Reid’s team also clinched a first-round bye as the AFC’s finest. Then, they managed to hold their own to beat the Jacksonville Jaguars despite Mahomes’ high ankle injury, and they were even better in their rematch vs. Joe Burrow and the Bengals in the AFC Championship Game.

The Chiefs ranked first in total yards (424.7), passing yards (297.8), and points per game (29.2) while ranking second on third-down completion percentage (48.2%). Their defense, on the other hand, wasn’t as stout, allowing the 15th-most total yards (351) and the 16th-most points per game at 21.7.


How To Bet On Football

If you’re new to Super Bowl betting, then chances are you’re also new to football betting. If that’s the case, then maybe some of the things we mentioned here might sound a bit confusing, but there’s no need to worry as we walk you through it.

What’s a Moneyline bet?

Let’s talk about Moneyline bets for starters. These are the simplest wagers one could place, as they simply back up the team that’s going to win the game. In this case, those who want to get into Super Bowl betting by placing a Moneyline bet on the Philadephia Eagles at -119 odds would result in an $81 payout over a $100 bet.

What’s the Point Spread?

Simply put, point spreads are handicaps. So, you’ll have to deduct the point spread from the team that’s favored or add it to the underdog’s score. Imagine the Eagles are favored by 5 points, which means they would need to beat the Chiefs by at least six points for a bet to cash. On the flip side, the Chiefs could either lose by no more than 4 points or win by any margin for their point spread to cash.

Sometimes, the favored team could win by exactly the same number as the point spread, which would result in a push, and you’d get your money back. Other times, the point spread could include half-points, like 5.5 instead of 5, to prevent those pushes from happening.

What about the total?

Likewise, people can bet on a game’s score to go under or over a projected total. In this type of bet, it doesn’t matter whether the favorite or the underdog won, as we only care about how many points they combined to score. In the case of this Super Bowl betting line, a game total of 50 would require the Eagles and Chiefs to score at least 51 points for the over to cash or no more than 49 points for the under.

That leaves the door open for endless score combinations, like 27-24 (over), 51-0 (over), 20-14 (under), etcetera. It doesn’t matter how many points one team scores as long as the combined total hits. Just like with the point spread, there can also be half-points to prevent a push.

What are prop bets?

The Super Bowl is known for its prop bets. And while Super Bowl betting squares won’t get into them, amateurs often take action in them. Props — which is short for propositions — focus on events that may happen during the game or even on a given player’s or team’s performance.

You can bet whether the coin toss will be head or tails, if there will be an extra point missed, or if a player will score a touchdown at any point in the game. You can even bet on how long will the halftime show be or whether there will be a defensive score. Obviously, prop bets usually have better payouts than other Super Bowl betting options, but that’s because they’re tougher to predict.

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