Top goalkeepers who scored in the Premier League

The game of football is all about scoring goals. Outfield players will thrive to get themselves on the scoresheet and help secure their team’s victory. How often do you see a goalkeeper finding the opposition’s net though? Well, it certainly is a rare occasion, but it doesn’t mean that it hasn’t happened.

In fact, the English top-flight has seen quite a few goals from keepers, most of which have been documented. In this article, we will explore the top 10 goalies to get one across the board In the Premiership. Fun fact, the highest-scoring keeper overall is Rogério Ceni with an impressive 131 goals. The Brazilian spent his entire 25-year-long career in São Paulo and scored from free-kicks and penalties, and even had 5 games with more than one goal scored. Anyways, let’s jump right into our list.

The top goalkeepers who scored in the Premier League

Alisson Becker

In a somewhat disappointing season for Liverpool fans, a miracle goal by Alisson Becker is what kept The Reds’ Champions League hopes up after scoring a last-second header to beat West Brom in the 90+5th minute.

The Brazilian keeper made his way to the opposing team’s penalty area (as they all do) during what seemed to be the last opportunity for Liverpool to make the score 1-2 and come to within a point of Chelsea. The corner kick was taken by Alexander-Arnold, the ball was aimed at the near post and the big keeper managed to smash an astonishing header sending the ball to the opposite side of the goal and sending manager Jurgen Klopp into a celebration frenzy.

We can only regret the fact that the match wasn’t played at Anfield and that there were no fans in the stands.

Peter Schmeichel

It’s only right that we include one of the greatest shot-stoppers in English top-flight history. Peter Schmeichel, the legendary Denmark, and Manchester United player was the first goalie to find the net since the Premier League was established in 1992.

It happened in October 2001, while Schmeichel was wearing Aston Villa’s kit. It was the 90th minute and the Dane rushed to the other side of the field for a corner. The ball wasn’t cleared in time and find its way to Schmeichel who didn’t hesitate and volleyed it right through the Toffees keeper Paul Gerrard.

Brad Friedel

Three years after Schmeichel’s achievement, came the second EPL goal by a keeper. Brad Friedel managed to equalize versus Charlton Athletic in the 89th minute when a rebound after a corner kick landed on his foot.

Despite making the score 2-2 and thinking he won a point for his Blackburn, the end of the game was rather unfortunate. Just moments later Claus Jansen found the net for Charlton and left Friedel laying on the ground stealing away his brief moments of joy. Definitely a harsh end to one of the most unique nights in the career of the keeper.

Paul Robinson

Spurs’ goalie became just the third keeper to score in the Premier League. He is also the first to do it from a set-piece, despite the free-kick being nowhere near Ben Foster’s goal. Robinson perhaps overdid the strength on the kick and it landed around Watford’s penalty spot and bounced way over the helpless Foster.

Tim Howard

Up next on the list is Evertons’ keeper Tim Howard. The man becomes the first on our list to have scored a goal from his own penalty area. His goal was largely influenced by the windy conditions that night, but nonetheless, it found the back of the net.

Despite scoring the first and only goal in his career Howard was somewhat upset about it. In an interview after the game, he exclaimed: “I’m disappointed from a goalkeeper’s standpoint and you never want to see that happen. It’s ugly, not very nice, and can be embarrassing.”

Asmir Begovic

A record-breaking goal! Asmir Begovic managed to score a very spectacular one for a couple of reasons.

First off, it became the longest goal ever scored in a competitive football game from 91,9m. Begovic held the Guinness record for 8 years, but the distance was just recently improved. On the 19th January 2021, Newport County’s Tom King scored from 96,01m against Cheltenham Town.

The other incredible thing about Begovic’s strike was that it came in the first minute of the game, surely making it the earliest goal ever scored by a keeper.

Other English league keepers who scored a goal

Since the EPL’s establishment, there haven’t been that many goalscoring keepers to fill out our list, that’s why we will look into other English league keepers who put their names on the scoresheet.

Charlie Williams

We have to go way, way back for this goal. Back in April of 1900, Manchester City’s keeper Charlie Willims earned his spot in the history books. He became the first-ever goalkeeper to score from an open play in a competitive match, not only in England but globally. The goal came against the unsuspecting Bolton Wanderers and was Williams’ only goal of his career.

Pat Jennings

A Tottenham Hotspur legend, Jennings will be remembered for all his performances for Spurs, and also the goal he scored against Manchester United. It was his only goal in over 750 official matches, 590 of which were for Tottenham.

Mart Poom

The Estonian keeper scored a magnificent header from a corner kick for his Sunderland. His 90th-minute goal managed to tie the game and earn the Black Cats a point. The header by itself is rather spectacular and makes you think if Poom’s career would’ve gone even better as an outfield player.


West Ham United’s goalie managed an impressive run all the way across the pitch to score a goal. However, it wasn’t an official game – it was Mark Noble’s Testimonial and the two sides playing were West Ham and West Ham Allstars. This fact shouldn’t undermine Adrian’s effort as you can see down below. Some even jokingly claimed that Liverpool went on to buy Adrian after scoring this goal.

Adrian #2

The Hammers and Liverpool’s keeper features again on our list. He scored the winning penalty in an FA Cup penalty shootout against Everton. This was the first official goal in his career. Despite not having scored before, Adrian was so confident that he will find the net, that he even took his gloves off before making the kick. In the end, it all finished well, with Adrian’s kick finding the bottom left corner, and he indeed didn’t need the gloves anymore.

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