Top 10 Football Apps for 2021

Football never sleeps. There’s always something happening, somewhere. When a ball isn’t being kicked, words are being penned, playbooks analysed, and deals being done.

Keeping up with it all can sometimes feel like a dizzying pursuit. There are myriad apps that can help you make sense of planet football but even then there is such a superabundance that finding the right app can itself feel like a chore.

Luckily for you, we’ve separated the wheat from the chaff and drawn up a list of the top ten football apps for 2020. You’re welcome.

10. Forza Football

Previously known as Live Score Addicts, Forza Football is a one-stop-shop for live scores and updates, team news, fixture lists, highlight links, league tables, statistics and more. It’s hard to find a more all-encompassing football app, especially one that’s free to download. Forza Football is easy to use, with the home page organised around a simple calendar design showing you that day’s fixtures in a clear and comprehensible format. The app collects data from thousands of leagues worldwide and is a mecca for those looking to keep abreast of football events.

9. Score Hero

Score Hero is perhaps the best arcade-style football game on the market. It allows users to create a player and guide him throughout his career, leading you through hundreds of unique scenarios and frameworks in the process – unlikely comebacks, opulent dynasties, relegation scraps and international glory. The gameplay itself revolves a simple flick mechanic which enables players to steer the direction of the ball – this makes the kind of wicked bending free-kicks or thunderbolt long-distance strikes you could only imagine taking on in real life a reality. You’ll find yourself becoming uniquely attached to your player, and to Score Hero.

8. What’s the Badge/Who’s the Player?

If you’ve followed football your entire life, you’ll have unknowingly picked up on a bizarre amount of trivia, factoids and information that is useless anywhere outside the ambit of the beautiful game. The What’s the Badge? and Who’s the Player? applications, developed by ARE Apps allow you to put your knowledge to the test. It’s for those who can distinguish their Genks from their Gents and their Kyle Walkers from their Kyle Walker-Peters. The apps presents a picture of a player or club badge and ask players to identify them using letter tiles, with the game getting harder as you progress. It’s a simple game that you can wile away hours playing.

7. Sky Sports

The Sky Sports app is the destination for news stories, match highlights, live TV (if you are a Sky Sports customer), scores, fixtures, results, and just about anything else you can imagine. The app allows users to follow their favourite leagues and teams, making for a tailored experience. Sky is one of the biggest media companies in the world and, as such, you can imagine that they’ve produced the highest quality app possible. Though large areas of the platform are dedicated to football, there also sections given over to boxing, cricket, tennis and more.

6. Green Card Pubs

Who’d say no to a free drink? The Green Card Pub app rewards downloaders with a beer on the house after they complete the quick and easy sign-up process. The app itself is multifaceted. Its main function is to direct you to your local participating Green Card pub where football is being shown, offering discounts and promotional deals along the way. There’s also a Scorecard predictor game which gives players the opportunity to win all manner of prizes.

5. Football Manager 2020 Mobile

I’m sure you’re all familiar with Football Manager, the zenith of the football gaming experience – in my opinion, at least. The mobile app offers a more digestible remastering of the classic game. At the time of writing, Football Manager 2020 Mobile is the latest iteration of the long-running management simulation series, but Sports Interactive are set to release an updated 2021 version alongside the desktop version later this year.

4. Who Scored?

Over the past decade or so, data and statistics in football have entered the mainstream. If you’re looking for a platform to brush up on the numbers, then Who Scored? is the app for you. Free of charge, the service provides individual team statistics, ratings, live alerts and more. It gives its users the facilities to take their football knowledge to another level, with real-world, tangible evidence to substantiate their thoughts and opinions. Who Scored? has been the go-to app for the well-read football fan for years – and it doesn’t look like that’s going to change any time soon.

3. Premier League

The Premier League’s official app is brilliant for keeping track of English top-flight news, checking stats and – crucially – updating your Fantasy Football team. As you’d expect given the stature of the Premier League, their mobile platform is first-rate. A neat interface allows users to easily navigate between the app’s different subsections, with dedicated areas for live matchday info, Premier League leaderboards, Fantasy Football, video highlights and beyond.

2. Live Football On TV

How often have you sat down at 3:00 or 7:45 pm to watch the football only to realise that you haven’t the foggiest idea what channel it’s on? With coverage of the modern game so pluralised, Live Football On TV provides its users with a comprehensive repository of television listings. It’s a simple but incredibly useful tool. In addition to providing the necessary info, Live Football On TV allows its users to set up notifications for future matches and listings too.

1. Dream League Soccer 2020

Dream League Soccer 2020 is an alternative to FIFA’s handheld mobile app. A stripped-back football gaming experience without superfluous features, the app allows players to design and take control of their own team and guide them through the divisions in the Dream League universe. It’s uncomplicated and easy to play while simultaneously packed with great gameplay features, skills and possibilities. At the time of writing, Dream League Soccer 2020 is the most up to date version of the game. But First Touch Games will soon release an updated and expanded manifestation of the Dream League series, as they have done every year since 2014.