WTA Tour – Tournament List and Schedule January 2023

Just like the ATP Tour, January is a pretty crazy month for the WTA Tour. Of course, it’s a time when many of the top players are looking to assert themselves for the 2023 season ahead. And it’s also a time when we get to see which players have worked hard in pre-season vs those who haven’t committed themselves quite as much. As for the range of tournaments, there are plenty of them coming up over the four-week January period.

This year, everything kicks off before we even reach January too. That’s because the WTA, combined with the ATP, has created a new, mixed-gender tournament known as the United Cup. This tournament actually starts later today – December 29th. It runs through until January 8th too, which means that it overlaps with some of the other WTA events that are scheduled next month.

WTA Tour January 2023

Anyway, my purpose here is to show you which tournaments are coming up throughout January. So below, I will be running through the list of tournaments, the scheduled dates, as well as the grading of these events too.

January 2023 Tournament Schedule for the WTA Tour

I did say that January was a busy month for the WTA Tour. And throughout the month, if you include the United Cup, there are a total of nine tournaments scheduled. Naturally, any individual cannot play in all of these events, as some of them overlap. But if they did pack their schedule, they could be playing a whole load of top-flight tennis over the course of the month. 

On that note, here are the tournaments that are about to unfold for the 2023 WTA Tour in January:

Grand Slam – Australian Open

I may as well start with the most prestigious event of the bunch, the Australian Open. This is the highest tournament level that you can get in tennis, and the 2023 Australian Open is set to start on January 16th. The final of the women’s event will be played on Saturday, January 28th, in case you want to tune in.

500 Level Events

Although the Australian Open is obviously the pinnacle of the WTA Tour for January, there are others to check out. In fact, there are two separate 500-level tournaments set to be held in January. These are both played in Adelaide, and as it happens, they are called the ‘Adelaide International’ – 1 & 2. 

Since these are both played before the Australian Open, and given that they carry a 500-level grading, they are certainly the two main warm-up events for the first Grand Slam of the year. As for the dates, the first one is played from January 1st – 8th and the second is played from January 9th – 14th.

250 Level Events

This is the level where you’ll find the most WTA tournaments in January. Prior to the Australian Open, there are two 250-level tournaments. These include the ASB Classic played in New Zealand from January 2nd – 8th, as well as the Hobart International held in Australia from January 9th – 14th. 

Beyond these, there are two more 250-level tournaments held after the Australian Open. These include the Thailand Open and the Open 6E Sens Metropole De Lyon – both played from January 30th – February 5th.

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