WTA rankings updates September 25th 2023 – another remarkable week for American tennis

For the previous seven-day period, the WTA Tour saw three competitive tournaments played around the world. As you might be aware, the biggest of these was the WTA 1000 event held in Guadalajara, yet this was joined by two others played in Europe and Asia. More specifically, there was a WTA 250 tournament held in China, as well as a WTA 125 event held in Italy. Of course, the biggest share of the points was available in Mexico, however, and it was Maria Sakkari who took the title in that tournament.

WTA rankings updates September 25th 2023

Nevertheless, each of these three tournaments has had an influence over the recent WTA rankings updates, as you are about to find out. Not only that, but with points dropping away from the cumulative totals for some players, there are quite significant adjustments to the rankings for this respective period – more so than usual. Anyway, I’ve discussed all of these details below, so please read on for the WTA rankings updates as released today (September 25th, 2023).

WTA rankings updates – week commencing September 25th

If this is your first time checking out my weekly updates, you are about to witness the three biggest movers both up and down the WTA rankings ladder. And I can tell you now, those who climbed up the ladder by the greatest number of places this week have done so in quite remarkable fashion. As for those who have moved down the ladder, such adjustments haven’t been quite as severe, but each reflects a double-digit fall for the three players mentioned.

The week’s biggest climbers

Having looked through the full WTA top 100 list, there are three players who have risen by far greater figures when compared to the rest. Once again, it’s the American players who have dominated the green zone this week, and a couple of these names might be familiar if you’ve been tracking the recent WTA rankings updates. On that note, let me now detail the three individuals who have enjoyed a great week in terms of their rankings changes.

Caroline Dolehide: +69

The first of two Americans that tops the charts this week is Caroline Dolehide. This 25-year-old American has experienced a simply sensational jump up the WTA rankings thanks to her results last week. As you can see, she’s climbed 69 positions in just seven days, which takes her up to a new ranking of 42 in the world. But just how is such a huge rise possible? Well, Dolehide managed to reach the finals in Guadalajara as an unseeded player, which is a massive achievement. And because she is now ranked 42 in the world, she is officially at a career-high ranking.

Xiyu Wang: +30

Xiyu Wang is the second-highest climber of the week as per the WTA rankings that were released today. This talented player from China has secured a rise of 30 positions after winning the 250 event that was held in her home nation. Of course, winning on home soil will have been a great feeling, but given that she’s now jumped to 58 in the world – this might feel even better!

Sofia Kenin: +22

The third and final player who has produced a significant rise this week is Sofia Kenin. This plucky American has been on a mission in recent weeks, and she has featured in this list of the top risers on numerous occasions. As for her results from last week, Kenin made the semi-finals in Mexico before losing to Caroline Dolehide, and the resulting points have helped her jump 22 positions to a new ranking of 31. 

The week’s biggest fallers 

As you’ve seen from the WTA rankings changes shared above, the top three each experienced a move of 20+ positions. Of course, these moves were all in the ‘right direction’, but this isn’t the case for the three individuals who are officially the week’s biggest fallers. Check out these three players right here for a full breakdown:

Claire Liu: -14

Unfortunately, Claire Liu couldn’t quite replicate the results of her compatriots over the previous seven days. This 23-year-old American competed in the WTA 250 event held in China, but she fell at the first hurdle, despite being the 8th seed. In losing this match, Liu has slid the furthest down the ladder out of the WTA top 100, as she has dropped 14 places down to 83.

Viktoriya Tomova: -13

By enduring a WTA rankings drop of 13 positions over the last week, Tomova is now dangerously close to dropping out of the top 100. This 13-position slide takes her down to 98 in the world. However, it’s not like she had an awful week. She made the quarter-finals of the WTA 125 event held in Italy, yet Tomova didn’t pick up enough points to avoid this drop.

Petra Martic: -10

Petra Martic is the last player who has also fallen victim to a double-digit rankings drop this week. As you can see, this veteran Croatian has dropped by 10 places. But unlike the other two players, this hasn’t come because Martic played and lost in the early rounds of a tournament. Instead, she has remained on the sidelines after picking up an injury at the US Open. And because of her absence, she now finds herself down at 49 in the rankings, so she’s also on the cusp of dropping out of the top 50.

Top WTA rankings story – Sakkari wins first WTA 1000 title in Guadalajara

Maria Sakkari is one of the fiercest players on tour – at least that’s how she presents herself when she is competing. However, after losing at the US Open, Sakkari broke down in tears as she admitted she was thinking of taking a break from the WTA Tour. This was broadcast through the respective media channels, yet instead of being criticized, she received an outpouring of support from players and fans. This was warming to see, and this has clearly had an immensely positive impact on Sakkari’s mindset, as she has gone out there and sealed her first WTA 1000 title in Guadalajara. 

For me, Sakkari is one of the most deserving players to lift such a title, and the moment that she won was pretty heartwarming, to say the least. And following this win, Maria Sakkari is now ranked number 6 in the world, which is a great achievement.

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