WTA Rankings Updates June 26th 2023 – Final Wimbledon Rankings Confirmed

Today marks the official rankings that those who are playing Wimbledon will enter the draw with. Many players have jumped up and down as of June 26th. And for those that have made major strides forward, they might just get a better run of things when the Wimbledon draw is released. As for the tournaments that have been played over the last seven days, these included one tournament at three different WTA levels. We had a 125, 250, and 500-level tournament completed between June 19th and June 25th.

Therefore, each of these three tournaments has led to an influence over the WTA rankings that have been revealed today. Of course, the higher graded the tournament is, the more points are available. So for those who competed in the 250 and 500-level tournaments, which were the Birmingham Open and Berlin Open, respectively, they’ve clearly made an effort to bag some last-minute points ahead of Wimbledon. Yet for those who played in the 125 event, known as the Veneto Open, if they performed well – they’d still manage to climb the ladder.

WTA rankings updates June 26th 2023

Anyway, that’s all you need to know in terms of tournaments played for the previous week. So now, let’s move on to what this all means for the WTA rankings updates ahead of Wimbledon 2023. 

WTA Rankings Updates – Week Commencing June 26th

As I’m sure you are aware if you follow my weekly updates on these rankings, each 7-day period tends to mark a change in the standings. And the more tournaments that are completed in any given week, the more adjustments we typically see inside the WTA top 100. Therefore, since three tournaments have been played and wrapped up, there are many players in the green, and many players in the red this week. But starting with those in the green, you can see the biggest climbers here.

The Week’s Biggest Climbers – Vondrousova and Avanesyan

I’d like to start by highlighting the player that has climbed by the most positions this week – Elina Avanesyan. This Russian player competed in the 500-level tournament last week, which was the Berlin Open, and she made it through to the quarter-finals. In doing so, she has racked up enough points to make the leap to number 64 in the world – a jump of 17 positions. Of course, making it to 64 in the world won’t make her a seed at Wimbledon, but it definitely helps her ranking and possible position heading into the tournament. 

At the same time, she takes the award for the week’s biggest climber, meaning her ranking has gone up by the most spots out of any other top 100 player. However, it’s not just Avanesyan that has made the most of the final WTA rankings run prior to Wimbledon 2023. Joining her with a double-digit rise in the rankings this week we have Vondrousova. This 23-year-old Czech player has posted a rise of 13 rankings places for this latest update, which takes her to 40 in the world. Much like Avanesyan, Vondrousova competed in the 500 level tournament at the Berlin Open, and she made the quarter-finals. 

Ultimately, she was taken out by Maria Sakkari, who was the 6th seed. So this is not a surprise loss, and it’s clear that Vondrousova had a great week in Germany, as she also made the final of the doubles tournament too. 

The Week’s Biggest Fallers – Giorgi, Tomova, Cornet, and Andreescu

As you can see, there is no shortage of players in the red zone this week. In fact, all four of these players have made a double-digit slip in the rankings ahead of Wimbledon. For those that are higher up the tree, this is far from ideal. Yet fortunately, none of these players will lose out on a main draw appearance, as the Wimbledon cut-off for the main draw relates to their rankings at the time of entry. Anyway, which of these four players have dropped by the most places, you ask? 

Unfortunately, it’s Camila Giorgi and Viktoriya Tomova that have fallen furthest, posting a drop of 19 places each. Giorgi has fallen from 48 in the rankings to 67, which is a pretty major tumble in just seven days. And Tomova has dropped 19 spots down to 99 in the world. However, as referenced earlier, it’s not just these two that have endured a double-digit rankings slide. Each of the other two has also slid down the rankings in quite dramatic fashion. In terms of how far, Andreescu has dropped by 16 places down to 51 in the world, which clearly takes her outside of the WTA top 50. And finally, Cornet has dropped down the ladder by 14 positions, taking her to a new rank of 74.

The good news for these players is that they all can produce some pretty solid tennis on grass courts. So regardless of where they find themselves in the Wimbledon draw once it is made, they should still have a good chance of picking up points in London.

Top Rankings Stories – Krueger Seals First WTA Title

It’s been a truly fantastic week for American tennis fans, as a new name has put herself firmly in the spotlight. In case you missed it, Ashlyn Krueger, at just 19 years of age, has snapped up her maiden WTA title at the Veneto Open in Italy. This was a 125-level event, and Krueger beat two seeds en route to the title. Because of this win, Krueger has jumped up the WTA rankings by 35 places, although this doesn’t quite take her into the top 100. In fact, it takes her to 108 in the world, which is still a career-best for this promising young American.

Furthermore, based on her results from this grass court event, I wouldn’t be surprised if she caused a few upsets at Wimbledon 2023. Then again, Krueger is involved in the Wimbledon 2023 qualifying draw, since she was ranked 163 at the time of entry. However, since the qualifying draw has yet to be made for the women’s singles, she should find herself seeded. Yet regardless of her seeding or who she plays, one wouldn’t bet against her over the coming weeks!

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