WTA Finals 2023 prize money – how much will the winners get?

Another exciting year of tennis is about to draw to a close for the women and the final big tournament of the calendar year is upon us. The most sought-after title after the 4 majors is undoubtedly the trophy at the WTA Finals. This tournament involves only the top 8 ranked players in the world so winning it means you get recognised as the best of the best. There is much more to this tournament of course. Here we will focus on the WTA Finals prize money.

WTA Finals 2023 total prize money

The WTA Finals has the largest prize money and ranking points after the majors. Unlike other tournaments though the prize and points earned can fluctuate as they get awarded for each win achieved. The total WTA Finals prize money is $9,000,000. This is an impressive increase year on year with the total prize money for the 2022 WTA Finals being only $5,000,000.

WTA F prize scaled
Sipa USA – Photo by Icon sport

WTA Finals 2023 singles breakdown

The WTA Finals are not like other tennis tournaments and that’s why prize money in this competition gets awarded for each match played and each win achieved.

  • Champion: $1,476,000
  • Runner-up: $756,000
  • Semi-finalists: $252,000
  • For each round-robin win: $198,000
  • Participation fee: $198,000

So, what that ultimately means is that if a player manages to win the tournament without a defeat this will give that player the handy sum of $3,024,000.

WTA Finals 2023 doubles breakdown

Similarly to the singles, the WTA Finals prize money for the doubles can differentiate as there are awards for each win. As is the tradition there is a substantial difference between the prize money for Singles and Doubles. A possible winner without a defeat will accumulate only $657,000 in total, which split between the two team members means $328,500 for each. Here is the detailed breakdown:

  • Champion: $306,000
  • Runner-up: $144,000
  • Semi-finalists: $45,000
  • For each round-robin win: $36,000
  • Participation fee: $90,000

We must stress once again that all of the above WTA Finals prize money for the Doubles are for the entire pair, so each player gets half of that.

WTA Finals 2023 points distribution

Of course, on top of the prize money there are plenty of points to be won too and this year the intrigue is serious as the outcome of the WTA Finals will decide who will finish the calendar year as the world number 1. Here are the WTA Finals points available for grabs.


Just like with the prize money distributions the format for rewarding points in the WTA Finals is a bit different and each win + each match played gets rewarded. In the end, if a player manages to win the tournament without dropping a match she will bag the impressive 1,500 points. Here is the detailed breakdown:

  • Champion: 420 points
  • Runner-up: 330 points
  • For each round-robin win: 125 points
  • For each match played: 125 points


The points distribution for the doubles event is the same, so no deviations there.

WTA Finals scaled
Sipa USA – Photo by Icon sport

Frequently asked questions about the WTA Finals

  • What tennis balls will be used in the WTA Finals this year? The tournament in Cancun will use the Wilson US Open Regular Duty ball.
  • When will the final take place? Both the Singles and Doubles finals will be played on Sunday, November 05.
  • Who won the WTA Finals last year? That was the French lady Caroline Garcia. Unfortunately, Garcia had a poor year and she won’t be in Cancun defending her title as she dropped out of the world’s top 8.

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