Wimbledon resale tickets: Get discounted entry to SW19 today

Wimbledon is the oldest and most prestigious tennis tournament in the world. The sporting event is still played on grass, its fast pace and low bounce captivating the attention of players and fans from around the globe.

Every year, tennis enthusiasts eagerly await the excitement and drama that unfolds on the lush green courts of the All England Lawn Tennis Club. While securing tickets to this iconic event can be challenging through the Wimbledon Queue, there is a fantastic opportunity that offers fans a chance to experience the magic of SW19 without breaking the bank – Wimbledon resale tickets.

In this article, we will explore the world of Wimbledon resale tickets and how they provide a fantastic opportunity for fans to attend this prestigious tournament at discounted prices. So whether you’re a passionate tennis aficionado or someone looking to witness history in the making, read on to discover how you can secure your entry to SW19 today, all while enjoying significant savings.

Wimbledon Ticket Resale

The Wimbledon Ticket Resale has been a popular option for tennis fans to access show court tickets at discounted prices. Although it was temporarily discontinued in 2021 due to capacity restrictions caused by the Covid-19 pandemic, it made a triumphant return in 2022, much to the delight of spectators.

Each day during The Championships, some ticket holders for Centre Court, No.1 Court, and No.2 Court may leave before the day’s play concludes and return their tickets. These returned tickets are then made available for resale at a reduced price, providing an opportunity for others to enjoy show court action for the remainder of the day.

To be eligible for these resale tickets, individuals need to already be present on the grounds of the All England Club in some capacity. Interested fans can visit the AELTC ticketing office to inquire about the availability of returned tickets.

Wimbledon Ticket Resale Pricing

The Wimbledon Ticket Resale initiative not only allows spectators to enjoy the remaining matches of the day but also supports a charitable cause, as the proceeds from these ticket sales are donated to the Wimbledon Foundation.

The availability of these returned show court tickets is limited, making them highly sought after, particularly during the early stages of the tournament. For a modest price of £15, attendees can secure a seat on the prestigious Centre Court, while tickets for No.1 Court and No.2 Court are priced at just £10.

How to get Wimbledon Resale Tickets

There are multiple avenues through which Wimbledon resale tickets can be obtained.

Wimbledon Foundation Ticket Resale Kiosk: Fans can acquire show court tickets at a nominal fee after 3 pm each day. You need to have entry into the grounds of the venue to pick up the returned tickets. The Ticket Resale Kiosk is conveniently situated adjacent to The Hill.

Ticket Resale Platforms: For those who wish to secure Wimbledon tickets prior to arriving at the venue, ticket resale platforms like StubHub provide a reliable option. These platforms offer a range of tickets for matches across the show courts, from the First Round to the Final.

By exploring the Wimbledon resale ticket options mentioned above, tennis enthusiasts can enjoy the electrifying atmosphere, world-class matches, and unforgettable moments that make SW19 a legendary destination for sports lovers.

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