Wimbledon Format – Tie Break and Number of Sets Explained

This year’s edition of the oldest professional tennis competition will have several adjustments. These modifications will have a significant impact on the competition, as well as the other Grand Slams. Discover how each category will be contested at Wimbledon.

Wimbledon Format

Set numbers

The number of sets played in this year’s Wimbledon is one of the biggest unknowns. The truth is that there is no single solution because it depends on the tournament’s category and stage. Some matches will be best of three sets, while others will be best of five.

Wimbledon Singles Format

Qualifying Rounds

Although the first round of Wimbledon begins on Monday, July 3, the qualifiers begin a week earlier. Tennis players who are not among the best must advance through many rounds to compete in the main event.

  • It is played best of three sets.
  • Depending on the position in the ranking a player can play from 1 to 3 matches to qualify.

Main Draw – First Round to Final

After the qualifying round, the main draw with 128 competitors will be held, with some Lucky Losers added if necessary. Following that, each player must win a total of seven matches to claim the Wimbledon title.

  • The men play best of 5 sets matches.
  • The women keep the same 3-set format.

Wimbledon Doubles Format

Finally, the All England Club has chosen to play Men’s Doubles matches in three sets. For years, experts and tennis players alike have advocated for this reform.

Wimbledon Format
Photo by: Icon Sport

This change will benefit not just the players, but also the organizers and the competition itself. Let’s look at some of the most crucial advantages.

  • Matches will be 30 to 120 minutes shorter.
  • Players competing in both singles and doubles will spend less time on the court, minimizing tiredness.
  • Top players will be more inclined to play doubles if the timetable is more flexible.
  • The competition will be more attractive if there are more top players.
  • The audience for doubles matches will increase.
  • Organizers will be able to select the order of play easier.
  • There will be a reduction in the number of playable hours per day.

Middle Sunday on Wimbledon 2023?

Before the 2022 Wimbledon, there was a “Manic Monday”, which means playing all the men’s and women’s fourth-round matches on the same day. To streamline and expedite this round, the organizers made a few changes.

As a result, the concept of “Middle Sunday”—a Sunday and Monday split for the matches in this round—was born. The benefits were a more comfortable timetable and a larger audience reach.

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