Wimbledon Betting Tips, Odds, and Predictions for 2022

Day Fourteen Tips and Predictions

As sad as this is to say, today is the final day of the Wimbledon Championships. Then again, today is also the most exciting day of the tournament, in my humble opinion. With the men’s final due to kick off on Centre Court at around 2 pm, the tension and excitement are already building among true tennis fans. Of course, the fact that it’s Nick Kyrgios taking on Novak Djokovic makes it all the more special. And as I have done throughout the event, I want to share a few betting tips with you before the game begins:

Kyrgios vs Djokovic

Ons Jabeur is the 2nd best player in the world at the moment, based on her WTA ranking. As for Elena Rybakina, she is ranked as the 23rd best player in the world. This may seem like a fair old margin between the two, but at the highest level, this doesn’t mean much at all. And this is especially true once you reach a Grand Slam final, as to even make it this far you have to be playing great tennis. As for the potential outcome of the match and where you should be placing your bets, here are my suggestions:

  • Over 39.5 games – 1.80 odds

This one has the making of a truly classic match. Kyrgios could easily grab a set, if not two against Djokovic, as he has proved in the past. But since there isn’t great value in shooting for Djokovic to win, I’m going for over 39.5 games. 

  • Both players to win a set and Djokovic to win – 2.40 odds

Since I reckon that Kyrgios can snag a set today, I found this market that has great value. Instead of backing Djokovic to win, you can back Djokovic to win and Kyrgios to win a set – combined. The odds are far better here at 2.40 too. 

Day Thirteen Tips and Predictions

There is just one match left to go for the women’s Wimbledon Championships. At 2 pm today, Rybakina and Jabeur will do battle out there on the hallowed Centre Court. This could be a truly interesting match to watch as the two players have such different styles of play. And before the tennis kicks off, you may be interested in the potential betting markets. So of course, I have produced some tips and predictions for the final today, and you can view them right here:

Rybakina vs Jabeur

Ons Jabeur is the 2nd best player in the world at the moment, based on her WTA ranking. As for Elena Rybakina, she is ranked as the 23rd best player in the world. This may seem like a fair old margin between the two, but at the highest level, this doesn’t mean much at all. And this is especially true once you reach a Grand Slam final, as to even make it this far you have to be playing great tennis. As for the potential outcome of the match and where you should be placing your bets, here are my suggestions:

  • Jabeur to win – 1.66 odds

Although Ryabkina has obviously beaten some fantastic players to reach the final, I still think Jabeur has what it takes to win today. She is the favoured player according to the odds. And I truly feel that she will grab her first Grand Slam title this afternoon. Whether it will be in 2 or 3 sets, however, I wouldn’t like to say. That’s why I am shooting for Jabeur as the moneyline option!

  • Jabeur -1.5 handicap – 1.80 odds

Providing that Jabeur doesn’t lose a set by a huge margin, this market has a great chance of pulling through. Even if she was to win by a score of 7-6 7-6, your wager would still win on this selection. So for me, it’s logical to back this market in combination with the one mentioned above.

Day Twelve Tips and Predictions

At this point in the event, the number of games scheduled isn’t all that high! Then again, these games should now be some of the most thrilling of the entire two-week tournament. Of course, day 12 is when the men’s semi-final matches get played, and the two greats of the game, Nadal and Djokovic, are both involved. They are each facing very different opponents tomorrow, and I’ve given tips for each match:

Nadal vs Kyrgios

This is the third time that Nadal and Kyrgios will clash at Wimbledon. As it happens, the head-to-head with them at Wimbledon is 1-1, with Nadal winning their most recent encounter. So which way will this match go? Well, I am going for Kyrgios to win since he is playing great tennis and Nadal doesn’t seem 100% fit – not by a long shot. The odds for this are 1.61, which is pretty decent! 

And for the second tip, I believe that this match could go four sets or more. So I am also going to pick Kyrgios to win and the match to have over 38.5 games. The odds for this market are way higher at 3.00, which would lead to a great return if it pulled through.

Norrie vs Djokovic

The odds for Djokovic to simply beat Norrie tomorrow are terrible, to put it bluntly. So instead of shooting for Djokovic to win, I am going for a -7.5 spread in favour of the Serb. The odds for this market are 1.80, and I feel that he does have the potential to destroy Norrie on the grass. As for the second tip, I am predicting that Djokovic will win in straight sets, at 1.53 odds. By backing these two together, if they both pull through, it could be a good day in terms of overall returns!

Day Eleven Tips and Predictions

As you are no doubt aware, tomorrow is the 11th day of Wimbledon, which means only one thing – it’s time for the women’s semi-final matches! And now that we know who will be facing off, it’s possible to produce a few tips for the action. Without wasting any time, let me jump right in with my latest tips for both games:

Maria vs Jabeur 

Jabeur vs Maria might seem a little mismatched on paper, which really, it kind of is! Jabeur is at the very top of the tennis world at the moment, at least in terms of her level of play. She is ranked 2 in the world, whereas Maria is floating around the 100 mark. Clearly, this is an enormous difference. And based on how the tournament has gone so far, I do think that Jabeur will win this one quite easily. That’s why my first tip is for Jabeur to win in straight sets with odds of 1.40.

For my second tip, I am shooting for Jabeur to dominate by an even greater score, and I am shooting for a handicap victory of -5.5 games. This market has odds of 1.80, which is much better than the 1.12 she has to win the match.

Rybakina vs Halep

Halep vs Rybakina should be a little more balanced, but I have still found some great tips for this game. Firstly, I am going for Halep to win in straight sets, based on her awesome performance today against Anisimova. This market has odds of 1.90. And for my second tip, I am going to play things a little ‘safer’, if there is such a thing. So for the second prediction, I am simply going for a Halep win with odds of 1.36. 

As a previous winner and an experienced top-flight player, I definitely feel that she has this one in the bag.

Day Ten Tips and Predictions

There are four matches to bet on in terms of Wimbledon singles games tomorrow. Of course, this means that there are two men’s and two women’s games to check out! All of them should be thrilling games according to the formbook and matchups. However, we are more interested in what should be wagered on for day ten. I’ve taken a look at all four matches and created several tips that you may want to consider, as discussed below:

Nadal vs Fritz – Fritz to win a set @ 1.44 odds

Many people are looking forward to this match, myself included. Of course, Nadal is favoured to win given his current run of form, but Fritz has beaten him in their previous meeting. And with the serving, combined with the way in which the forehand has been working for Taylor Fritz, I fancy him to take a set.

Anisimova vs Halep – Halep @ 1.44 odds

Halep has recently dominated Anisimova prior to Wimbledon. So based on logic alone, it makes sense to back Halep to take another win at 1.44 odds. On another note, Simona Halep managed to win this tournament just a few years ago. So she is no stranger to the big stages at Wimbledon. For me, this suggests that she will hold her nerve better than Anisimova.

Kyrgios vs Garin – Kyrgios -5.50 handicap @ 2.00 odds

If you had to pick a match for the ‘main show’, this would probably be it. Kyrgios is always a character out there on the court, and I expect nothing different tomorrow. At the same time, Garin has enjoyed a phenomenal run during this tournament. But he had an incredibly draining game to get past de Minaur in the previous round. So the chances of Kyrgios blowing him out of the water here is very high.

Day Nine Tips and Predictions

There may only be a few days left of Wimbledon 2022. However, there are some fantastic matches coming up over the coming days – which you can bet on! But specifically for day nine, I have picked a few matches with some key markets that you can back at the top betting sites. These are all highlighted below:

Sinner vs Djokovic – Sinner to win a set @ 1.90 odds

Djokovic is obviously expected to win this match on paper. He is the top seed for the tournament, and he has a 1-0 head-to-head record against Sinner. So really, he should take the win and progress through to the semi-finals. However, if Sinner plays well, I feel he could easily take a set from Djokovic. And at 1.90 odds given that he has such a big game, this seems like a steal.

Niemeier vs Maria – Maria to win @ 2.50 odds

Both of these players are unseeded at Wimbledon. And both of them have beaten some of the best players on the WTA Tour to make the semi-final. But for me, Maria has been in the most impressive form of the two. Sure, Niemeier has been playing great tennis too. However, Maria has dispatched both Sakkari and Ostapenko in the last two rounds – two huge wins. 

Goffin vs Norrie – Goffin to win @ 2.75 odds

Norrie is now carrying the flag for the Brits at Wimbledon. So of course, he will have the home support out there today. But Goffin is a bit of a veteran of the tour. He has reached the latter stages of Grand Slams before, so this isn’t his first rodeo. He is also an extremely talented player with a cool head on his shoulders. And for me, I think his game matches well against Norrie to take the win.

Day Eight Tips and Predictions

At this point, we are almost around the bend and onto the home straight for the Wimbledon Championships. Week one has treated us all to some terrific tennis. And looking ahead at the possible games for week two, things will only get better. Specifically for day eight, however, I’ve picked three matches and provided the most suitable tips for each:

Cornet vs Tomljanovic – Cornet @ 1.72 odds

My first pick is for Cornet to beat Tomljanovic. I have to admit, I didn’t think that Cornet would reach this point. But she did beat Swiatek in straight sets in the previous round, which tells us all we need to know really. She is a clever player, and I feel that she will outsmart Tomljanovic out there tomorrow. At the same time, 1.72 odds are very respectable for this market.

Halep vs Badosa – Halep @ 1.53 odds

Both of these two have been flawless in the Championships so far. However, as great as they have both been playing, I still feel that Simona Halep will win on the grass. Halep is a previous winner at the All England Club, whereas Badosa is still not established on this surface – not really. And based on the way that they both play, I think Halep will pull through quite comfortably. 

Kyrgios vs Nakashima – Kyrgios @ 1.30 odds

The last of my tips for day eight is for Kyrgios to beat Nakashima at 1.30 odds. I was majorly impressed with Nick Kyrgios in his win over Tsitsipas, despite all the other stuff that went on. He served well, he hit his forehand pretty big, and his backhand was solid too. Of course, Nakashima has also had a great tournament to this point. But I think that the firepower from Kyrgios should carry him over the line here.

Day Seven Tips and Predictions

Are you looking to bet on some of the round 4 games at Wimbledon today? If so, don’t do anything until you’ve read through the tips I’ve provided here. I’ve looked at the games taking place and I’ve sourced three bets that display fantastic value. But with the matches approaching quickly, don’t waste any time in following up on these tips if you fancy making a punt or two!

Tiafoe vs Goffin – Tiafoe @ 1.90 odds

Here we have a battle between a big hitter and a bit of a grinder. However, I believe that the big-hitting Tiafoe will prevail and beat Goffin today. Sure, the head-to-head record isn’t in his favour. But the tennis he has been playing recently has been terrific. And I think that his big serve and dangerous forehand will pull him through. 

Norrie vs Paul – Paul @ 2.62 odds

At the moment, Cam Norrie is flying the flag for British tennis in the men’s draw. However, I don’t think he will squeeze past Tommy Paul today. Sure, Norrie is a great player, but I don’t think that he is fantastic on the grass. In contrast, Paul is playing sublime tennis, and his game is well equipped to beat a player like Norrie. Paul has yet to lose a set at Wimbledon so far too, so he is obviously playing extremely well.

Garcia vs Bouzkova – Garcia @ 2.00 odds

Of all the women left in the draw, Garcia is perhaps enjoying the greatest run of them all. She won the warm-up event in Germany right before Wimbledon, and she’s been playing awesome in the opening three rounds. Garcia has also beaten Raducanu and Zhang in the last two rounds, which is impressive. Of course, Bouzkova is also playing well, but I think Garcia will take her down today.

Day Six Tips and Predictions

Sticking with my promise of daily Wimbledon tips, here you will find three key tips for day six of the 2022 championships. I’ve looked at the order of play, analyzed the matches, and created three tips that I feel show true betting value. And with the matches due to kick off within the next few hours, let me jump right into things. 

Sock vs Kubler – Sock to win – 1.57 odds

This match involves two guys that have made it all the way through qualifying. And amazingly, they are both floating around the 100 mark in rankings. As for betting on this match, I do believe that Jack Sock will take the win. He is showing the kind of form that took him into the world’s top 10 all those years ago. And I think that his game matches well against Kubler.

Kyrgios vs Tsitsipas – Kyrgios to win – 1.72 odds

Of all the tips I could provide for day six of Wimbledon, this is probably my favourite. I feel that 1.72 odds for Kyrgios to beat Tsitsipas on the grass is an absolute steal. His serve is fantastic on the grass, his forehand is deadly, and I just can’t see how Tsitsipas can beat him at Wimbledon. However, the two did go three sets just a few weeks ago in Germany.

Gauff vs Anisimova – Gauff to win – 1.40 odds

This is actually the first match scheduled on Centre Court today. And for me, the 1.40 odds for Gauff to win are far too good to pass up on. She is a great grass-court player, with big shots at her disposal on both wings. And she is also one of the favourites to win the entire tournament! So a better question would probably be, why wouldn’t we back her?

Day Five Tips and Predictions

There are loads of great games taking place at the All England Club today. Most consist of round three matches too, although there are a couple of second-round games still to finish from yesterday. Anyway, I won’t be focusing on the games that are yet to be completed here. Instead, I’ll quickly focus on three betting tips for games that will be starting from scratch at some point today. So here they are:

Parry vs Jabeur – Parry to win a set

This might seem like a bit of a mismatch on paper, with Jabeur being the much higher-ranked player. But Parry is a serious talent, with a great backhand and solid forehand. She has breezed through her opening two rounds too. Then again, so has Jabeur. But regardless, I truly think that Parry can snatch a set here, and the odds are 3.50 for this to happen.

Goffin vs Humbert – Goffin to win

This should be a pretty tight game on paper, with Goffin taking on Humbert. Of course, Humbert beat Casper Ruud in the previous round, who was one of the top seeds. And Goffin has won his opening two rounds without losing a set. So both guys are playing well, but I think that Goffin still has the edge on the grass. He hits clean, he is clever with his shot placement, and he is more experienced than Humbert overall. The odds for him to win are 1.66.

Isner vs Sinner – Isner to win

Lastly, I’m going for an upset in this match. Jannik Sinner is one of the best players on tour at the moment, no doubt. But Isner is a major threat on grass, with a monstrous serve and a big forehand to go with it. And at odds of 2.37 for Isner to take him down, this is almost too good to miss.

Wimbledon Betting Tips and More for 2022

With Wimbledon officially at the midpoint for the first week, I figured it’s time to share some tips and predictions for the event. Of course, as the second slam of the year, players are keen to perform well at Wimbledon 2022. This is true despite the fact that Wimbledon has had its ATP points revoked this year due to its stance on Belarussian and Russian players. Anyway, putting those sensitive matters to one side, below, you will find all kinds of details relating to Wimbledon betting tips.

Wimbledon betting tips 2022

I’ve chosen two approaches here to ensure that all of the information remains relevant. First, you’ll see my outright tips for the men’s and women’s events. And secondly, throughout the tournament, I will be updating the information with daily predictions. As a reminder, the tips and predictions given can be followed up with at the respective bookmakers that are also shown. 

So now, let me kick things off with the outright tips, along with some common bets you can place for Wimbledon tennis matches.

Outright Wimbledon Betting Tips

For me, the most fun option when betting on Wimbledon is to try and pick the overall winner. This is obviously quite difficult to do, as your selection only needs to lose one match for your bet to be officially over. However, you can also get some great odds for this market, mainly due to the difficulty of picking an outright winner. With that said, let me now jump into some Wimbledon betting tips for the men’s and women’s events:

Outright Picks for the Men

For the men’s event, plenty is on the line in terms of the GOAT race. And that’s what makes the men’s event particularly interesting, as reflected in the outright odds shown below:

  • Novak Djokovic – 1.50 odds

Djokovic is the overwhelming favourite for the men’s tournament. He is a 6-time winner, and he has managed to win here on his last three attempts. As you can see, the bookies have him favoured to do it for a 4th time running too. For me, Djokovic will win the championships this year. So in terms of Wimbledon betting tips for the outright winner, I am shooting for him.

  • Rafael Nadal – 5.00 odds

Nadal hasn’t played Wimbledon since 2019, so it’s pretty special to see him back at the All England Club. He is currently the second-favourite according to the most recent betting odds. And in case you needed a reminder, he has won the first two slams of the year, meaning that the famous ‘Calendar Slam’ is on!

  • Carlos Alcaraz – 11.00 odds

Third in line is Carlos Alcaraz, with 11.00 odds to lift the trophy. He is pretty much the star of the next generation in men’s tennis, with good reason. And many have tipped him to win his first slam in 2022. Could it be Wimbledon? We will have to wait and see.

Outright Picks for the Women

There might not be as much on the line for the women’s event as there is for a few of the guys, but it’s still going to be a classic tournament. And I’ve displayed the odds for the top three favourites below:

  • Iga Swiatek – 2.20 odds

Iga Swiatek is the player of the moment right now. She is in the midst of a record-breaking win streak, and she recently won the French Open for a second time. So of course, she is the bookies’ favourite to win Wimbledon. And I have to agree with this selection too, as I just cannot see anyone stopping her.

  • Ons Jabeur – 6.00 odds

Following on from Iga Swiatek we have Ons Jabeur, who is also having a bit of a breakthrough year. I like the way that she plays on the grass too, hitting very flat and chipping the ball around to cause problems to the opposition. And she did make the quarter-finals last year too, so she is clearly a contender.

  • Simona Halep – 11.00 odds

There aren’t many previous winners in the women’s draw this year, but Simona Halep is one of them. She won the event in 2019, so of course, she has what it takes to win at Wimbledon. However, the odds of 11.00 do reflect her results in recent times. 

Common Bets to Make for Wimbledon Matches

Having run through my Wimbledon betting tips for the outright markets, let me now switch things up a bit. After all, it’s not like you can only make one form of bet for Wimbledon games. In fact, there are many other popular bets that you can make, as reflected here:


In tennis, accumulator wagers are extremely popular. And at Wimbledon, with so many matches taking place, this is a top bet to make. Accumulators require that you combine different bet selections together, and they all must win for your bet to pull through. 

Set Betting

Another form of betting for Wimbledon is set betting. With this market, you can pick the exact match result in terms of sets won. However, you can also bet whether a player will win a set, win two sets, or achieve a certain spread for the sets too.

Spread Betting (Games)

Speaking of spread bets, you can also do this for games won. For example, you could pick that Nadal wins a match by more than -5.5 games. This means he has to achieve a winning margin greater than -5.5 for your wager to win. 

Individual Match Winner

Finally, you can always bet on the results of individual matches. This is true for every single game throughout the championships. And for me, this is perhaps the best option for those who are new to betting on Wimbledon. It’s a simple market, and it doesn’t require any ‘expert’ knowledge to unearth some gems.

Live Betting

This is a form of betting rather than a specific market, but it’s one I recommend for those with a bit of betting experience. All bookies support live betting for Wimbledon. And by engaging in this form of betting, you can snap up appealing markets with the touch of a button. 

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