Wimbledon betting tips: Best betting predictions for Day Twelve

Day twelve marks the beginning of the end of the men’s championships at Wimbledon. But while it is the beginning of the end, this is also the most exciting part of the tournament, in my opinion. I say that because today is where we get to see the semi-finals for the men’s event, and I’ve created my own Wimbledon betting tips for you all to consider. In case you didn’t already know the participants, the two semis consist of Norrie vs Djokovic and Nadal vs Kyrgios. 

Wimbledon betting tips day 12

The two games, while equally as important, will be very different, in my opinion. The game styles of the guys involved are polar opposites in some cases. But then again, this is what makes for great tennis! Anyway, you’ve come here for some free Wimbledon betting tips for day twelve at the tournament. And that’s exactly what you’ll find below. 

Day Twelve Wimbledon Betting Tips

Both of the men’s semi-finals will be played on Centre Court today. Play begins at 1:30 pm sharp, and the second men’s semi will follow once the first one is completed. Either way, I believe I have found two great betting tips for each game, as identified below.

Djokovic vs Norrie

If you look at the moneyline odds for this match, they pretty much tell you the whole story. Djokovic has odds of less than 1.10 to get the win against Norrie, so it’s obviously not worth backing him to win. On the other hand, the odds for Djokovic to grab a win in straight sets here are far more appealing, even if that is slightly riskier. For Djokovic to win in straight sets the odds are 1.53, and this is the outcome that I am predicting for today’s game. Norrie just doesn’t have enough experience or a big enough game to challenge Djokovic out there on Centre Court.

Going hand in hand with Djokovic to win in straight sets, I believe that this game will be quite one-sided in terms of the game spread. So that’s why I’ve also taken a look at the handicap markets for this match. And I am going for a Djokovic handicap of -7.5 at odds of 1.80. 

Nadal vs Kyrgios

Everybody knows the history between these two guys, so I won’t bang on about that. Instead, I’ll focus on the two Wimbledon betting tips that I have for this one. Based on the way in which Kyrgios has been playing, and taking into account that Rafa is obviously suffering from injuries, I am shooting for Kyrgios to win. The odds for this are 1.61 too, which I feel is a decent enough return to justify the punt. 

As for the second of my tips, I’ve decided to get a little more creative. I am going to go for more than 5.5 breaks of serve in the match. The odds for this market are 1.83, and I have chosen this because the Nadal vs Fritz match had over 10 breaks of serve. This suggests that the upcoming match could involve more of the same given the game styles. 

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