Wimbledon betting tips: Best betting predictions for Day Three

We’ve already enjoyed two great days of Wimbledon this year. And looking ahead to the third day, the action is only going to get better. This is also true when it comes to Wimbledon betting tips and the odds that get pumped out. On day three, most matches are 2nd round games. This means that the players are closer in standard. In turn, this also leads to more appealing odds compared to the ones given for the top seeds to grab a round one win. 

Ryan Peniston Wimbledon

So – what are my tips for day three? They are all discussed below.

The Key Wagers to Make for Day Three

The latest odds for day three matches have been published. I’ve looked at them all and created three Wimbledon betting tips that I believe have a great shot of pulling through. Here they are:

Peniston vs Johnson – Peniston @ 1.66 odds

Ryan Peniston has stolen the hearts of British tennis fans recently. He has such an inspiring back story too, which makes his talents all the more appealing. And looking at this match, Peniston has a great chance of beating Johnson. At 1.66 odds, this would be a solid return too. The two have never played each other. But then again, Peniston is pretty much brand new to top-flight tennis. Johnson has always been in the mix as a decent player, and he does play well on grass.

With that said, I just can’t argue with Peniston’s form at the moment. He made the quarters at Queens and the quarters at Eastbourne, so he is the form player out of the two.

Murray vs Isner – Murray @ 1.44 odds

In the battle of the two veterans, I think that Murray will come out on top. Amazingly, Murray has never lost to Isner in any of their 9 previous meetings. So clearly, he has his number. And on the grass courts at Wimbledon, Murray should make it number 10. Taking this into account, few rivalries in tennis have been as one-sided as this one. So of course, nobody would really be shooting for Isner given that he has never managed to beat Murray. 

Murray’s performance against Duckworth on Monday was impressive too. So any concerns about his fitness or desire to win this year have been laid to rest.

Ruud vs Humbert – Humbert @ 2.20 odds

The final tip I’m giving here is for an upset. Of course, Casper Ruud is seeded three in the men’s event, but his grass-court game isn’t fantastic in all honesty. Humbert also beat Ruud in their previous meeting, so he will have the belief that he can do it again. I feel that his game is better suited to the grass than Ruud’s too. Humbert likes to chip the ball around, while also mixing the play. This won’t allow Ruud to develop any rhythm either, which is something he depends on.

With this said, the opening set of this match will be critical. Humbert needs a quick start to build momentum. But again, with 2.20 odds, there is no reason not to take a punt on him today.

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