Wimbledon betting tips: Best betting predictions for Day Ten

Day 10 marks the second day of the quarter-final matches at Wimbledon. So naturally, the action and what’s at stake for the players could not be more extreme. Looking ahead to the scheduled matches, there are several that I believe you should be tuning in for. This is especially true from a punters perspective, which is why I’ve helped you out with some Wimbledon betting tips too 

Wimbledon betting tips day ten

The tips that I have mentioned here are all available to bet on at top-level bookies in the United Kingdom. And while I have provided the current odds, they may well shift by the time you come around to backing them. This is perfectly natural, and for that reason, I suggest checking in with your chosen bookmaker for the latest odds. With that out of the way, who should you be betting on for day 10 of Wimbledon?

Day Ten Wimbledon Betting Tips

As sad as it is to say, there are just a few days left of the 2022 Wimbledon tournament. However, this doesn’t mean that there aren’t plenty of top matches still left to play. And with today being the second quarter-finals day of the tournament, there are some incredible matches scheduled. Of course, I’ve taken a look at the matches and the respective betting odds. By doing so, I believe I have found some terrific Wimbledon betting tips to share for today – as highlighted here:

Fritz vs Nadal – Fritz to win a set – 1.50 odds

This is probably the most exciting prospect of the two quarter-final games scheduled on the men’s side today. This is a rematch of the Indian Wells Masters final that the two played earlier this year. In that particular game, Fritz took the win, but both players were far from 100% fit. However, that win could well have a mental impact on the way in which this match could play out. Then again, I’m not sure that Fritz has what it takes to take Nadal down in the quarters of Wimbledon.

But I am reasonably sure that he has what it takes to grab a set, if not two from the legendary Spaniard. With 1.50 odds for this to occur, I feel this is a good bet to make.

Halep vs Anisimova – Halep @ 1.53 odds

Believe it or not, Simona Halep is the only Grand Slam champion left in the women’s draw. She is a quality player, of course, and she won Wimbledon just a few short years ago. In the previous round, Halep destroyed Badosa too, who is one of the best players in the world. For me, she is showing signs of the form that took her to the Wimbledon title back in 2019. And while yes, Anisimova is a formidable opponent, I am shooting for Halep.

Rybakina vs Tomljanovic – Rybakina @ 1.53 odds

The third of my Wimbledon betting tips for today is for Rybakina to beat Tomljanovic. Rybakina has yet to lose a set all tournament. On the other hand, Tomljanovic has had some incredibly tough battles in the last two rounds. So for me, fitness and experience could play a part here. And in the previous match that these two played against each other, Rybakina won fairly easily. 

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