Wimbledon betting tips: Best betting predictions for Day Six

We are almost at the halfway point in the Wimbledon 2022 event right now. And today, Saturday, July 2nd, there are some fantastic matches lined up. This is the case for both the men’s and women’s events, and I’ve produced some Wimbledon betting tips for each of them right here. Of course, the tips given have been researched according to player form, head-to-head records, performances on grass, and many other things.

Wimbledon betting tips day six

All of this research helps to ensure that the tips given are as ‘probable’ as possible. However, it goes without saying that nothing is guaranteed in tennis. Anyway, without wasting any more time (since the matches are approaching fast), let me reveal the tips for day six of Wimbledon.

Wimbledon Betting Tips for Day Six

There may be fewer matches today than others, but this isn’t bad. In fact, since the players are more evenly matched at this point in the tournament, the games should be even better to watch – and to bet on! On that note, check out my latest Wimbledon betting tips below:

Sock vs Kubler – Sock to win – 1.53 odds

Amazingly, this match involves two guys that have come through qualifying to reach this stage. This means that both men have won five matches to reach round three of the tournament. That’s pretty amazing stuff in itself. As for this matchup, I feel that Jack Sock has a bit too much firepower for Kubler. He has a great serve and a huge forehand, which wins him plenty of cheap points on grass. And for me, his win against Cressy showed what skill he still has and how well he can play the game.

These guys have never actually played one another. But I still think that Sock will take the win and progress here.

Kyrgios vs Tsitsipas – Kyrgios to win – 1.72 odds

This has to be one of the picks of the day when looking at the schedule. Kyrgios is always a player that draws in the fans. And Tsitsipas is obviously one of the best players in the world. But on the grass, I’ve got to go with Kyrgios. His serve and forehand will likely be a little too much for Tsitsipas to deal with, assuming he keeps his head together! And as it happens, Kyrgios has a 3-1 head-to-head lead over Tsitsipas. 

He actually beat Tsitsipas on the grass just a few weeks ago in Germany too. So this has swayed my choice to pick Kyrgios in this game. 

Badosa vs Kvitova – Badosa to win – 2.30 odds

The last of my Wimbledon betting tips for today involves Kvitova and Badosa. Arguably, this should be the tastiest of all the round three games on the women’s side today. Badosa is now a top-five player, and she has improved massively in recent times. As for Kvitova, she’s ranked just outside of the world’s top 25. However, she did win the event in Eastbourne right before Wimbledon. 

This might put her as the favourite, but having seen Badosa play in her opening two rounds, I feel she could cause an upset here.

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