Wimbledon betting tips: Best betting predictions for Day 14

The final day of the championships has arrived, and for me, it is the best day of the entire two-week tournament. In today’s clash, we have one of the true greats of the game in the form of Novak Djokovic taking on one of the game’s great talents, Nick Kyrgios. Amazingly, Djokovic is shooting for his 21st Grand Slam today, and Kyrgios is going for his 1st. Of course, there are some pretty cool betting markets to explore for this match too. And I have provided my Wimbledon betting tips for the match right here.

Wimbledon betting tips day 14

These tips can be found at most online betting sites in the UK. But the odds given may well shift between now and the time of the event. So I would advise checking in with your chosen bookmaker for the most up-to-date odds.

Day 14 Wimbledon Betting Tips

At 2 pm on Centre Court, Djokovic and Kyrgios will get out there to do battle. This will be the third time that they have played, and Kyrgios has actually won match matches. People often forget that Kyrigios has a great record against many of the top players. So today could be a little more interesting than many people think. But putting personal opinions aside, here are my Wimbledon betting tips for the men’s final today:

Nick Kyrgios vs Novak Djokovic

These two players are some of the most talented on the grass at this moment in time. Of course, this is backed up by the fact that they are both into the Wimbledon final! And looking at the odds and markets for this match, there are three that have caught my eye.

  • Djokovic to win and both players to win a set – 2.40 odds

Personally, I think that this match will have more than three sets to it. I think that Djokovic will ultimately emerge with the win, but it will not be straightforward. And especially with the way that Kyrgios serves, I feel he can take a set from Djokovic. For this market, as long as Djokovic wins in four or five sets, the bet will result in a win.

  • Kyrgios to win a set – 1.44 odds

If you want to switch things up and go for a market that isn’t focused on the ultimate outcome, this is a good choice. Nick Kyrgios winning a set could easily occur, in my opinion, and the odds are 1.44 for this match. Bear in mind that Kyrgios has yet to lose a set against Djokovic, which bodes well for this particular selection.

  • Over 5.5 breaks of serve in the match – 2.20 odds

If this match goes over three sets, then the chances of having more than 5.5 breaks are high. Kyrgios has a huge serve, of course, but Djokovic is pretty much the best returner that the game has ever seen. With that said, Djokovic doesn’t have a huge serve, so Kyrgios could snap up a few breaks himself. And at 2.20 odds, the value here is off the charts!

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