Wimbledon 2022 schedule: Day 5 key matches and order of play

We are just hours away from day five unfolding at Wimbledon. Of course, the Wimbledon 2022 schedule has been published for the games today. And I have scrolled through them all to find the matches that should be the most exciting for spectators. Whether you are heading to the tennis or watching on TV, the games I’m about to mention should all be great fun to watch. I hope that they are full of great tennis, plenty of drama, and if we get some tight matches – even better!

Wimbledon day five

With that said, the matches I have given here are all provided along with their respective court, according to the order of play. Bear in mind that the action begins at 11 am (GMT), so some of them are kicking off within the next few hours. If you’re quick, you can even wager on some of these games!

Best Matches to Watch for Day 5 at Wimbledon

Looking at the order of play for day 5, there are three matches that I believe should be more entertaining than the rest. That’s not to say that any matches I haven’t mentioned won’t be fun to watch. It’s just that these three have the potential to be absolute classics, as detailed below:

Tiafoe vs Bublik

These guys are scheduled first on Court 2, and for me, this will probably be the most entertaining match of the entire bunch. On the one hand, we have Tiafoe, a talented American with plenty of charisma. And on the other, we have Bublik – another talented player who is arguably the craziest guy on tour. So of course, I expect there to be some fireworks in this game. Both guys have big games and they love to whip some trick shots into the mix too. So what more could we really ask for?

Parry vs Jabeur

This might seem like an unusual pick but stick with me here. Jabeur is seeded 3rd this year, which puts her as one of the favourites to win the entire event. However, Parry is one of the rising stars on the WTA Tour, as proven when she had some huge wins at the French Open earlier this year. For me, Parry has a fantastic game with a great one-handed backhand – something which isn’t always seen in the women’s game. And Jabeur isn’t exactly suited to the grass, not in my opinion. 

So I expect that Parry might raise a few eyebrows in this match, which is the first match on Centre Court.

Humbert vs Goffin

These two players aren’t exactly the biggest names in the men’s draw. But they don’t have to be to produce some first-class entertainment. And I’ve picked this match above others in the Wimbledon 2022 schedule due to their styles of play. Humbert loves to play drop shots, mix up the match with slice and looped balls, and this alone makes him a fun guy to watch. As for Goffin, he is one of the cleanest hitters out there on his day. He hits a great ball from the back of the court and he is very talented up the court too. 

These guys are third up on Court 18, for those who want to watch!

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