Wimbledon 2022 schedule: Day 14 key matches and order of play

Day 14 of Wimbledon is the final day of the tournament. It’s also the day where we get to find out who the men’s champion will be for 2022. As a reminder, the two guys competing today are Djokovic and Kyrgios. Both have very different career stories too, and they are polar opposites in many regards when it comes to tennis. This makes for a truly mouth-watering final match, and according to the Wimbledon 2022 schedule, the game will commence at 2 pm on Centre Court.

Wimbledon 2022 schedule day 14

So if you want to watch the men’s final, make sure you keep your afternoon clear. The match could take quite some time too, especially if Kyrgios manages to take a set or more. With this said, there isn’t much else going on at Wimbledon today. So I shall simply focus on the match mentioned and give you an overview, as detailed below.

Day 14 of Wimbledon – Men’s Finals Day

The two names involved in the match today aren’t quite what we were all expecting. Sure, Novak Djokovic was certainly expected to make it here, but Nick Kyrgios, not so much. Everyone knows that Kyrgios possesses the talent necessary to make it this deep in Grand Slams. But until Wimbledon 2022, he has never even come close. So the fact that these guys are playing today is pretty intriguing. 

There is a little more to the story than just this, however, so let me give you the scoop:

Djokovic vs Kyrgios

Djokovic has been dominant at the All England Club in recent years. In fact, he has won the last three Wimbledon titles. However, while he has six titles in his locker, he has never actually strung four wins together in a row. This is a statistic that probably gives Nick Kyrgios a glimmer of hope for the match today. Of course, Djokovic also has 20 Grand Slam titles to his name. Everyone knows he is a strong contender as one of the greatest players of all time. And if he wins today, he will officially move past Federer in the record books. 

Then again, Nadal would still be one slam ahead of him with 22 in his locker. Needless to say, there is some serious pressure on Djokovic today and there is plenty on the line for the great Serbian. As for Nick Kyrgios, he doesn’t really have any pressure on his shoulders at all. I don’t think anybody has him down as the favourite to beat Djokovic today, even if he has beaten him twice in the past. He will need to serve amazingly well and hit his forehand as well as he probably has ever done to take Djokovic down at Wimbledon.

With all of this in mind, the contrasting styles and back story between these guys should lead to an immense final, whatever happens. I for one will be tuning in to watch the tennis unfold, and I am sure you all might be as well. So get the strawberries and cream ready, get the Pimm’s on ice, and enjoy the tennis this afternoon!

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