Wimbledon 2022 schedule: Day 11 key matches and order of play

Have you seen the day 11 schedule at Wimbledon today? If not, I am pleased that you’ve come to read the information given here. The Wimbledon 2022 schedule has been officially announced for women’s semi-finals day. And as a reminder, the two matches that are due to be played today include Jabeur vs Maria and Halep vs Rybakina. Both of these matches are very different in terms of how the competitors play, how close they might be, and in many other ways too.

Wimbledon 2022 schedule day 11

Of course, that’s what makes them exciting to watch, if that’s something that you are looking to do. And below, I have provided an overview of these matches along with which way they will likely swing out there on Centre Court. 

Main Matches for Day Eleven at Wimbledon

Since we are firmly at the closing stages of the championships, the main matches are now scheduled to be played on Centre Court. First up we have Jabeur vs Maria, starting at 1:30 pm, and they are followed by Rybakina vs Halep. Here is all you need to know regarding these semi-finals matches:

Halep vs Rybakina

This should be the closer of the two semi-finals, at least on paper. They are similar in rankings, and Halep is a former champion here at Wimbledon. Personally, I think that Halep will make it through this one, mainly due to her experience and her current level of tennis. Then again, Rybakina will not go down without a fight. She showed her fighting spirit in the previous round against Tomljanovic, coming back from a set down to get the win. And she is going to need all that she has at her disposal to get past Halep today.

Just to remind you, this match is scheduled as the second match on Centre Court today. There is no fixed start time as it depends on how long the Maria vs Jabeur match takes. Speaking of which, this brings me to the second match that I want to discuss here.

Jabeur vs Maria

Maria vs Jabeur is the first game scheduled for Centre Court today. And they will start at 1:30 pm. For this match, it’s no great surprise to see Ons Jabeur in the semi-finals of Wimbledon. She has been enjoying a great season on the WTA Tour. And this season has seen her climb to number 2 in the rankings. As for Maria, if you are wondering exactly who this player is, you are not alone. She hasn’t been in the mix as one of the top players, but something just seems to have clicked at Wimbledon this year.

Then again, she has never been on the big stages like this. That’s another reason why I feel that Jabeur will win this easily. However, when you reach the semi-final stages of slams, you just never know what can happen. If Maria manages to grab a quick start and upset the rhythm of Jabeur, things could get very interesting very quickly. Either way, the match should be great fun to watch. 

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