Why Has Nick Kyrgios Been Ignored for Davis Cup?

The 2022 Davis Cup is set to begin in early March. So with the tournament quickly approaching, most teams have announced their squads ahead of the qualifying draws. On that note, one of the biggest headlines of late has been the fact that Kyrgios isn’t listed for Australia. For those who don’t know, Lleyton Hewitt is the captain of the Australian Davis Cup team. And to say that these two have enjoyed a rather turbulent relationship in the past would be an understatement. 

Nick Kyrgios

Many are speculating that this spicy relationship is the reason that Kyrgios has been left out of the squad. Sure, this has been the case in the past. But according to recent reports, this isn’t actually what has happened. I’ve discussed the supposed reality of the situation below.

Kyrgios Not in the Squad – Here’s Why

As stated above, while many tennis fans believe that Hewitt has snubbed Kyrios for Davis Cup, this isn’t actually true. So let me give you a breakdown of what we have learned in recent weeks relating to this news:

Hewitt did ask him to play

I may as well start by putting the main rumors surrounding Kyrgios’ absence from the team to bed. Kyrgios hasn’t been too outspoken regarding this issue, but his close friend and doubles partner from the Aussie Open, Kokkinakis, has confirmed that Kyrgios was actually asked to play. Kokkinakis said that Kyrgios and Hewitt have moved beyond their differences in the past and that they are now in a ‘good place’. And if his comments are true, this is then confirmed by the fact that Hewitt did ask Kyrgios to represent Australia during the Davis Cup event.

However, since Kyrgios is not mentioned in the Davis Cup squad for the event, it’s assumed that Kyrgios actually turned down the invitation. Obviously, nobody really knows what words have been exchanged between the two. But it’s clear that Kyrgios has turned down the request, and other Aussies have since filled the team.

Kyrgios losing interest in tennis

In all honesty, part of me believes that Kyrgios has declined the request purely because he is losing interest in the game of tennis. However, given that he is now a Grand Slam champion, following his Australian Open triumph, I had hoped that Kyrgios would experience a resurgence in his love for tennis. Sadly, it seems that this isn’t the case, based on what has been going down with the Davis Cup announcement. Then again, this is somewhat baffling as Kyrgios seems to be gaining more of a love for team events than anything.

The Davis Cup is the most prestigious team event that there is in the world of tennis. So if he doesn’t want to compete in that, there isn’t a whole load of hope moving forward. With that said, there is still a fair bit of time between now and the Davis Cup. So things could well change. And if they do, I’m sure Nick Kyrgios will be one of the first to talk about it.

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