Who Is the Most Suitable Coach for Andy Murray?

At the end of the 2021 season, Andy Murray parted ways with long-term coach, Jamie Delgado. This was a surprise to many, especially at this stage of Murray’s career. However, facts are facts, and the two decided to go in different directions. Since this split, Murray has spent a few weeks with the German coach, Jan de Witt. But it seems that this too hasn’t worked out, and Murray is now pretty much a free agent out there.

Andy Murray

He has stated that he is looking for a long-term coach, however. So this has led many to speculate on who might be the most suitable coach for Murray moving forward. Below, I believe I’ve identified two candidates who might be perfect for the role.

Murray’s Next Coach – Who Will Take the Job?

Murray has actually worked with quite a few coaches over the years. Perhaps the most surprising of these was his brief spell with Amelie Mauresmo, as it wasn’t, and still isn’t common for male players to work with female coaches. That’s just how it is right now, which does somewhat make it more difficult when predicting Murray’s next coach. However, I’m inclined to say that the following guys might well be shortlisted:

Dani Vallverdu

Of the two guys mentioned here, I must say that Vallverdu is the most likely candidate to take on the job as a full-time position. The main reason for this is because, at the time of writing, Murray and Vallverdu are trialing their partnership at the ATP event in Rotterdam. Vallverdu has actually worked a lot with Stan Wawrinka in the past, so he has plenty of experience in coaching at the highest level. And in addition to this, a little-known fact is that Vallverdu was working with Murray when he managed to win his first few Slams.

To give you a bit of the back story, Vallverdu has known Murray since he was 15 years old. At the time, Murray was training in Spain, and Vallverdu immediately noticed his talent. So the two have known each other a long time, and if things go well in Rotterdam, this could well be a long-term move for Murray.

David Ferrer

If you recall, David Ferrer has enjoyed a brief spell of coaching since he retired from the game. He was announced as the coach of Alex Zverev a couple of years back. But he called it a day because he was away from his family during the peak of the pandemic. To be honest, this is fair enough. But as things are now looking better around the world, I feel Ferrer could be looking to get back in the game. Obviously, this is a little speculative right now, but he played with a similar style to Murray during his career. 

And since he has only recently retired, he could be majorly energized to work with a guy such as Murray. I for one would be overjoyed if the two made this partnership happen!

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