What has happened to Nick Kyrgios?

Nick Kyrgios has been one of the most exciting talents in tennis over the last few years. He burst onto the scene as a teenager, and what he was capable of was clear for everyone to see. When I think back to the time that he beat Rafael Nadal at Wimbledon, I really did feel that Kyrgios was destined for big things. But over the years, he has somewhat fallen out of love with the game. And without question, he has not maximized his talent or his abilities. But why is this the case?

Why has he failed to deliver on these great expectations? Perhaps most importantly, will he turn his career around and reach the heights that many thought possible? I’ve addressed this issue below.

Nick Kyrgios – current state of play

Nick Kyrgios

I’ve got to confess, I am a Nick Kyrgios fan when it comes to tennis. I think that the things he can do with a tennis ball are remarkable. With that said, I do not condone his antics at times, and in previous years where he was not putting any effort on the court, I really believe this is a shame for the game. But regardless of my own personal opinions, I can still look at the current state of play subjectively.

His ranking

Back in 2016, Nick Kyrgios managed to attain a career-high ranking of 13 in the world. Anyone who manages to make it inside the top 20 is obviously a fantastic player. And I can tell you now that Nick Kyrgios certainly is on his day. But currently, his ranking has slipped all the way down to 90 in the world. With this ranking, he won’t get direct entry into Grand Slams or Masters events. The only way he can is with a wildcard.

Best performances in last few years

In 2021, Nick Kyrgios has been poor by his standards. He hasn’t gone beyond the third round in any Grand Slam, and he lost in the first round of the US Open. Looking at his 2020 records, things weren’t much better. Then again, the ATP Tour was having a somewhat turbulent time, as was the rest of the world. And in 2019, his best performance was the 3rd round of the US Open. Needless to say, for a guy who has been as high as 13 in the world, that’s poor.

Media statements

In the last 12-18 months, Kyrgios has been quite vocal about his lack of love for tennis. He claims he struggles to get motivated for matches, doesn’t like all the travel, and that he simply doesn’t enjoy the game as much. Whether that’s true or not, only Kyrgios knows. But for a guy in the middle of his career to be saying that, it’s not looking good.

Final thoughts

At the end of the day, I don’t think Nick Kyrgios can get back to the top of the game, no. Does he have the ability? Absolutely. But as we all know, talent and ability are never enough to maximize potential. It takes hard work, commitment, and sheer dedication – things that Kyrgios just doesn’t seem to possess.

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