Vienna Open 2023 prize money – how much will the winners get?

Alongside the Swiss Indoors Basel Open, the Vienna Open will be the last ATP 500 event of the year. Many players will make the trip to the Wiener Stadthalle as they set their sights on the singles or doubles title. What’s at stake for these players? In this article, we’ll address the Vienna Open prize money, as well as the ATP ranking points distribution.

Vienna Open total prize money

It’s important to point out that the total prize money for this competition is €2,409,835; this covers both the singles and doubles events. Interestingly, this is a slight increase from last year’s €2,349,180.

Vienna Open singles breakdown

Vienna Open 2022 singles champion
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It’s worth mentioning that Daniil Medvedev won the Vienna Open singles title last year; and as a result, he earned €439,305. Whoever wins this year’s event will get €450,650, a 2.6 percent increase from last year’s top prize.

On the other hand, the runner-up will take home a cheque of €242,480, while two semi-finalists will get €129,225 each. Here’s a total breakdown of the prize money for the singles event:

  • Champion: €450,650
  • Runner-up: €242,480
  • Semi-finalists: €129,225
  • Quarter-finals: €66,025
  • Round of 16: €35,245
  • Round of 32: €18,795

Vienna Open doubles breakdown

Unlike the singles event which begins in the round of 32, the Vienna Open doubles event starts in the round of 16. Whoever wins will go home with €148,020, while the runners-up will be awarded €78,950. Bear in mind that these are the prizes per team, not per individual. This means the top prize of €148,020 will be split between the winning doubles pair. Here’s the complete breakdown for the doubles tournament:

  • Champion: €148,020
  • Runners-up: €78,950
  • Semi-finalists: €39,940
  • Quarter-finals: €19,970
  • Round of 16: €10,340

Vienna Open points distribution

Now that we’ve gotten the prize money out of the way, it’s important to point out that there are ATP ranking points to be gotten in this competition.


Given that this is a 500 level event, it’s no surprise that whoever wins will earn 500 ATP ranking points. Interestingly, players who lost in the second qualifying rounds are not left out, as they went home with 10 ranking points.

  • Champion: 500
  • Runner-up: 300
  • Semi-finalists: 180
  • Quarter-finals: 90
  • Round of 16: 45
  • Round of 32: 20
  • Second qualifying round: 10


On the other hand, there are no qualifying rounds for the doubles event. We would like to point out that there are no ranking points for teams that exit in the first round. That said, here’s the full points breakdown:

  • Champion: 500
  • Runner-up: 300
  • Semi-finalists: 180
  • Quarter-finals: 90
  • Round of 16: 0
Vienna Open doubles champions 2022
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Frequently asked questions about the Vienna Open

  • How much will the winner of this year’s Vienna Open get? The Vienna Open singles champion will get €450,650, while the doubles champion bags €148,020.
  • Are there any ranking points for this event? Of course. There are ATP ranking points at stake, with the winner of this tournament claiming 500 points.
  • Who won the Vienna Open title last year? Daniil Medvedev is the defending champion of the singles event, while the Austrian pair of Alexander Erler and Lucas Miedler won the doubles title.

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