US Open winners – records, most wins, and more

The 2023 US Open is nearly upon us and in coming days we’ll be hearing a lot about and from the heroes of today. However, in this article, we decided to take a trip down Memory Lane and look at those that have already etched their names with golden letters on the sacred hard surface of Flushing Meadows. Do you know who has won most US Open titles? Do you know who has made the most appearances? Do you know who has the greatest number of years between their first and last title? Well, you can find all that and more below.

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US Open winners and their records

Before we start listing all the US Open records we want to stress that we have looked only at the so-called Open Era of the tournament, which is from 1968 onward.

US Open winners – Most total titles (all events)

Men – Open Era
1. Bob Bryan92003-14
2. John McEnroe81979-89
T3. Todd Woodbridge61990-2003
T3. Jimmy Connors61974-83

The legendary American Bob Bryan and his brother Mike won 5 US Open Men’s Doubles together. Bob was a successful Mixed Doubles player too and this is where his other 4 titles come from. This makes Bob Bryan by far the most successful doubles player in US Open history.

John McEnroe has won only one title less but his achievement is impressive as 4 of his 8 titles were Men’s Singles triumphs.

Women – Open Era
1. Martina Navratilova161977-2006
2. Margaret Court101968-75
T3. Serena Williams91998-2014
T3. Billie Jean King91971-80

The legendary Martina Navratilova enjoyed amazing tennis longevity and this helped her to win 11 Doubles titles over several decades period. Being a great singles player too Martina Navratilova is well above everyone else in terms of US Open total titles.

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On that list the only woman to have won the majority of her titles in Singles is none other but the enigmatic Serena Williams. She has won 6 of her 9 US Open titles in Singles.

US Open winners – Most singles championships (all events)

Men – Open Era
T1. Roger Federer52004-08
T1. Pete Sampras51990, ‘93, ‘95-96, 2002
T1. Jimmy Connors51974, ‘76, ‘78, ‘82-83
4. John McEnroe41979-81, ’84
Federer US Open scaled
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We have 3 greats of the sport tied for the most US Open winners in Men’s Singles, all with 5 titles each. From them, the Swiss maestro Roger Federer is the only one to win his 5 titles in 5 consecutive years, from 2004 to 2008.

America’s greatest men in Singles are the two amazing fighters, Pete Sampras and Jimmy Connors. With their 5 titles each they deserve to be at the top of this list together. Despite, being split by a few decades in terms of playing careers the two are very close friends and are often seen attending the modern US Open editions together.

Women – Open Era
T1. Chris Evert61975-78, ‘80,’82
T1. Serena Williams61999, 2002, ’08, ‘12-14
3. Steffi Graf51988-89, ‘93, ‘95-96

The US Open winners for the Women’s Singles also have a tie at the top. It is two American legends that have grabbed 6 US Open Singles titles each. Chris Evert did that between 1975 and 1982. Serena Williams won 6 titles in a 15-year span – 1999 to 2014.

With only one less title in third place sits the German legend Steffi Graf.

US Open history – other records

Before we go we want to look at some other US Open records that you might find interesting.

US Open history – most singles finals appearances

Men – Open Era
T1. Pete Sampras81990, ‘92-93, ‘95-96, 2000-02
T1. Ivan Lendl81982-89
T3. Novak Djokovic72007, ’10-13, ’15-16
T3. Roger Federer72004-09,’15
T3. Jimmy Connors71974-78, ‘82-83

The only player on that honourable list is the 3-time US Open singles champion Novak Djokovic. He needs only one more run to the final to tie Sampras and Lendl in the top spot.

Women – Open Era
1. Chris Evert91975-80, ‘82-84
T2. Steffi Graf81987-90, ‘93-96
T2. Martina Navratilova81981, ‘83-87, ‘89, ‘91
T2. Serena Williams81999, 2001-02, ‘08, ‘11-14

Serena Williams is talking of a possible comeback to the WTA Tour in 2024. Can she do that? Can she reach one more US Open final and tie her great pal Chris Evert for the most final appearances?

US Open history – most singles tournaments played

Men – Open Era
1. Jimmy Connors221970-89, ’91-92
2. Andre Agassi211986-2006
T3. Roger Federer172000-15, ’17
T3. Michael Chang171987-2003

The unforgettable Jimmy Connors unsurprisingly tops that list with his 22 US Open singles appearances. Connors gave the fans of the sport countless memorable moments during a career that spanned over 3 decades.

Jimmy Connors scaled
Jimmy CONNORS – 10.09.1978 – Finale US Open – Flushing Meadows Photo by IconSport

With just 1 less appearance at Flushing Meadows is another legendary American – Andre Agassi.

Women – Open Era
1. Martina Navratilova211973-93
2. Amy Frazier201987-2006
T3. Venus Williams191997-2002, ’04-05, ’07-17
T3. Chris Evert191971-89

No surprises here with Martina Navratilova not only making the most US Open singles appearances but she also did that in 21 consecutive years without interruption. What an achievement!

US Open history – most singles matches played

Men – Open Era
1. Jimmy Connors1151970-89, ’91-92
2. Andre Agassi981986-2006
3. Roger Federer942000-15, ’17

Not very surprisingly the two Americans with most appearances also sit first and second on the list for most US Open matches played.

Women – Open Era
1. Chris Evert1131971-89
2. Martina Navratilova1061973-93
3. Serena Williams1001998-2002, ’04-09, ’11-16

A small surprise here. Despite playing in 2 fewer US Opens (19) Chris Evert was far more successful than Martina Navratilova, so it is her that tops the list for most women’s singles matches played in US Open history.

US Open history – most singles matches won

Men – Open Era
1. Jimmy Connors981970-89, ’91-92
2. Roger Federer822000-15, ’17
3. Andre Agassi791986-2006

Logically the same trio that have played the most matches also have enjoyed the largest number of wins. Jimmy Connors once again tops the list.

Women – Open Era
1. Chris Evert1011971-89
T2. Martina Navratilova891973-93
T2. Serena Williams891998-2002, ’04-09, ’11-16

No surprises with Chris Evert the only tennis player, men or women, to have achieved more than 100 US Open singles wins. Interestingly Serena is tied for 2nd with Martina Navratilova so if the rumours are true and Serena makes a comeback in 2024 she will need just one more win to claim the 2nd spot on her own.

US Open history – greatest gap between first and last title

Men – Open Era
1. Pete Sampras121990, 2002
2. Jimmy Connors91974, 1983
3. Rafael Nadal72010, 2017

How Pete Sampras did it in 2002 when he won his last title over a decade after his first still remains a small mystery.

Women – Open Era
1. Serena Williams151999, 2014
2. Steffi Graf81988, 1996
3. Chris Evert71975, 1982

Nobody can match Serena Williams though. She has the longest gap of any tennis player, men or women, between her first and her last US Open titles.

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