Three court magicians you have to watch!

We all love watching competitive events unfold. But aside from long and gruelling rallies, some guys have that little added flair. And when I say flair, I mean charisma, trick shots, and they can engage the crowd like no others. On that note, I figured that it’s about time to highlight the guys that bring a little spark to the ATP Tour right now. Most pundits will talk about the greats and tournament winners non-stop, but the players that draw in the fans for other reasons deserve a bit of recognition.

Below, I’ve identified three players that get the fans pouring through the gates all over the world! And of course, I’ll be talking about why this is the case for each individual. So, let’s get started, shall we?

Guys you just have to watch on the tour

A couple of the guys on the list wouldn’t be what you’d describe as serial winners, but they are great entertainers! Check out why each individual is so special below:

Pablo Cuevas

This crazy Urugian has been entertaining fans for years. In my humble opinion, he is one of the most skilful guys on the tour when it comes to trick shots. Not only can he play a great level of tennis, especially on clay courts, but he has the power to make your jaw drop with certain shots. He can hit phenomenal hot dog shots, ridiculous drop shots, and the things he can do with the ball are just ridiculous. Check out this video to see what I mean:

Daniil Medvedev

Medvedev isn’t a guy that is full of trick shots or amazing plays, but he is magic for other reasons. Having watched him develop over the last few years, I now understand why he is a bit like Marmite – you either love or hate the guy. But the beauty about Medvedev is that he doesn’t really care. If you like him or not, he’s still going to make it work for him on the court. He seems to love getting booed, he kicks cameras that are in the wrong place, and he has had some epic arguments with other players.

The best was against Tsitsipas in Miami, definitely worth a watch when you get the chance! Medvedev always has rocky relationships with other plays, which is pretty fun to watch unfold. 

Benoit Paire


Benoit Paire is as crazy as they come. He definitely has a hard time with his emotions, but that’s why the fans love him. He is all over the place on the court, even discussing his attire with umpires at the change of ends. Additionally, he can go from happy to snapping numerous rackets on a dime. Who wouldn’t love watching that kind of player? But at the same time, Paire can produce some truly awesome shots too.

Especially his drop shots – he has some of the best hands on tour. This alone can drive his opponents crazy, but not as crazy as he himself gets, naturally! 

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