Swiatek Wins Roland Garros – Can Anyone Stop Her?

As many tennis fans expected, Iga Swiatek beat Coco Gauff to claim her second Grand Slam victory. This victory has moved her onto a winning streak of 35 matches, equaling the most recent streak set by Venus Williams in 2000. Of course, this means that the current streak is pretty special. We haven’t seen such dominance in the women’s game for more than 20 years. And many are starting to wonder just how on Earth Swiatek could possibly be stopped going into the grass-court season!

Swiatek French Open Win

I have to say, this is something that I have also wondered about, especially after watching her level of tennis in Roland Garros. She is on another level to all players at the moment, as was proven when she dismantled Gauff in a little over an hour. Swiatek’s intensity, ball striking, court craft, and overall belief are just unrivalled at the moment. And with Wimbledon just weeks away, she is showing no signs of vulnerability.

So, exactly how much further will the streak continue? Will she go on to catch the other streaks set by previous female players? Here is why I feel that she quite literally cannot be stopped at the moment.

Swiatek the Invincible – Why Her Streak Could Easily Continue

It goes without saying that winning 35 matches in a row is nothing shy of phenomenal. It’s something we haven’t seen in the women’s game for more than two decades. And it’s also rather rare in the men’s game, putting her in the company of guys like Federer, Djokovic, Nadal, and even Pete Sampras. With 35 now under her belt, personally, I believe that this could go far higher for the following reasons:

The Level of Her Ball Striking

When you watch Swiatek on the court, it seems that her ball is so much heavier than the other female players. When I say this, I mean that she is hitting with so much more velocity and spin than the others. This is causing all kinds of problems, and you can tell from the statistics of winners that Swiatek really has raised the bar of late. 

Self Belief and Focus

To achieve the kind of success that Swiatek is currently enjoying, self-belief is everything. Since Ash Barty has retired, Swiatek has moved up and taken the number one spot. And while yes, this occurred due to a formality, she has certainly owned her new ranking. While on the court, she seems immensely focused on her tennis too. And whenever matches get a little close or things get intense, she still goes for her shots and makes it – the majority of the time.

The Aura She Has Managed to Build

I believe that when the game’s greats step it up, they develop a certain aura about them. We’ve seen this with Federer, Djokovic, and Nadal in the men’s game for many years. And back in the day, the Williams sisters had the exact same aura about them. Now that Swiatek is enjoying such a streak, and given the way that she is winning matches, I think that even the top players don’t truly believe they have what it takes to take her down.

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