Serena Williams Retirement Announcement – Full Details

Within the last 24 hours, we’ve witnessed one of the biggest stories of the year in tennis. In fact, it could well be one of the biggest stories of the decade. The legend, Serena Williams, has stated that she plans to retire after the 2022 US Open. Sure, rumours had been flying surrounding her retirement, but now it has been confirmed by the 40-year-old American. Williams made the shock announcement following her opening round victory at the WTA event in Toronto.

Then again, by the time the US Open comes around, Williams will be 41 years of age. This puts her level with Roger Federer, who many anticipate may also retire within the next year or so. Either way, it’s a huge loss to the game, and her iconic ‘goodbye Toronto’ statement following her loss to Bencic last night was tough to see. However, there is still another chapter to occur in Williams’ career, so the curtain hasn’t come down just yet.

Serena Williams Retirement

Following her retirement, according to reports, tickets for the opening night at the 2022 US Open sold out – almost immediately. So clearly, the New York crowd is eager to catch one last glimpse of this legend on the court. And who knows, such support could pull her to a monumental victory at the US Open! 

But rather than focusing on the negatives and the loss that’s about to occur after her retirement, I’d prefer to keep things on the positive side of the tracks. So instead of looking at the loss, let’s remember the true greatness of Serena Williams.

The Legacy That Serena Williams Is Leaving Behind

Even if you’ve never watched a game of tennis in your life, you probably know who Serena Williams is. That’s the kind of status that this player has been able to achieve during her career. Of course, she’s been fairly successful you could say! And below, you’ll find a few of my favourite statistics and records that Williams has to her name. 

23 Grand Slam Titles

Undoubtedly, the 23 Grand Slam titles are the most impressive of Williams’ locker full of records. This puts her 2nd on the all-time list of Grand Slam wins behind Margaret Court. And to be honest, she should probably have surpassed Margaret Court! However, facts are facts and she will have to settle for 2nd in the all-time slam list – unless she wins the 2022 US Open!

4 Olympic Gold Medals

Although Williams has plenty of praise for her tournament wins, the Olympic Gold medals often escape the attention of fans and pundits. Three of these gold medals were won for doubles, of course, alongside Venus Williams. These two have enjoyed much success together over the years. And the other gold medal was for singles play, achieved in London in 2012.

Grand Slam Match Wins

Amazingly, Serena Williams is the all-time leader for wins at the Grand Slam level. Currently, she stands alone with 365 Grand Slam wins. Her nearest rival, Martina Navratilova, retired with 306 wins, which shows you how prolific Williams has been at the highest level. And as I’ve said before, there is always the chance that this could increase at the US Open this year.

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